Recording of decisions and action items

For each agenda item, record a decision or action item and export it to a list of decisions.

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Automate the follow-up process

Get a complete, live overview of all actions happening across meetings on the iBabs dashboard.
Segment actions by agenda type, owner, status and due date to gain deeper insights.
Send notifications to stakeholders as soon as there is a new action assigned to them and notify them of upcoming deadlines automatically.
Make life easier for your auditors by giving them a list of all decisions that can be segmented by date, agenda type and approved or rejected status.

Actions and Decisions with iBabs

Capture actions and export them in a branded document.
Set deadlines and assign actions through the iBabs platform.
Track progress with the iBabs traffic light system (Red, Amber, Green).

Benefits of Actions & Decisions

See list of all your actions points

  • Per agenda type
  • Per owner
  • Status (completed / pending / overdue)
  • Due date

See list of all your decisions

  • Per agenda type
  • Approved / rejected
  • Date

Actions and Decisions before iBabs

Everything is on paper

Without a board portal solution like iBabs, you have to write action and decision logs, then print them and then meet the stakeholders face to face to notify them of their assignment and get their signatures.

Difficult to keep track

The trouble comes when actions start to get reassigned or delayed, and deadlines shift. This makes it difficult to keep track of who is responsible for an action and if they are making progress. iBabs monitors all this for you.

Paul Theunissen, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Euronext

“We would have made the decision years ago if we had known that it would be so simple to digitize our board of directors.”

iBabs immediately established itself as the fluidifier of our governance.

Paul Theunissen Secretary of the Board of Directors of Euronext

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