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Facilitate paperless working! 5 helpful apps

Date: 8 December 2015

You know them: those colleagues who always have everything under control. They have information at their fingertips on their cell phone or tablet with a single push of a button. They never need to look for the necessary records. A collection of Post-it notes on their desk? No way. Does it seem like heaven to you to be so organized? There are various apps that can help you to work smarter.  Notebooks and memo pads are no longer necessary. You don’t have to waste time while looking for the correct memo. In no time, you too will have all of the information handy, without paper!  Here are five examples of handy apps. Trello Do you frequently make to-do lists? From now on you can easily keep them up to date in Trello. With this application you can quickly compile to-do lists. The tasks are separated in Trello onto different panels, […]

Meeting 3.0: 4 meeting trends

Date: 4 December 2015

Two of my friends got new jobs this month, both of them for companies that work without a physical office.  All of the colleagues work from home or at the client’s office. Every other week the colleagues meet on a Friday morning. They spend this time socializing and naturally discussing the progress of projects, and on other typical meeting tasks.  Other companies have embraced teleworking where colleagues are not tied to an office or any specific place.  They usually work from home and they thus see each other less at work. And this also often changes the way that they hold meetings. As “tried and true” dissolves, what happens to meetings now? We observe these trends. 1.  Meeting online  Companies, already used to telecommuting, meet more and more online. Since team members already use apps like Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout in their private lives, this type of meeting is […]

A paperless office: illusion or reality?

Date: 3 November 2015

Does this happen to you? You can’t see something well on your computer screen and have the urge to use your fingers to zoom in on it, as you would with your I-Pad or smartphone?  Or to “swipe” the screen?  It doesn’t work because the device doesn’t have that technology, but that doesn’t occur to you… We take it for granted, the amazing technology that we all have at our fingertips, but who could have imagined 20 years ago that the world would be like this in 2016…? It is possible that you have also never heard of the World Paper-Free Day , an initiative of the international organization AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management).  On November 6th they annually draw attention to unnecessary paper use, privately as well as professionally.  Help the environment If your organization still prints and copies a great deal then the reduction of paper […]

How ICT can make your enterprise more sustainable and green

Date: 23 October 2015

Saving your company energy, time and money As a sustainability manager, you are aware that the energy consumption related to ICT is increasing substantially. And the outlook is that until 2030 the demand for ICT-capacity will escalate dramatically. So it is essential that sustainability managers familiarize themselves with ways to transform the ICT-process enterprises into ‘greener’ and/or more energy-efficient practices. Should sustainability not yet be recognised as a key issue within your company, it might help to focus on the financial benefits. That will probably help you to raise attention for greener practices.  Naturally, every company wants to save money! If you are not completely aware of the connection between sustainability and ICT yet, read further!  Organisations can take measures to optimize the ICT-processes within the company, making them more sustainable (i.e. more energy-efficient). Furthermore, ICT can also be used to make the processes within the company more sustainable including […]

iBabs is everybody’s best friend

Date: 17 October 2015

We all want something different. It is corny but none the less true. It also applies to the way we conduct meetings. Just take a good look around during one of your meetings. Linda has her documents printed in front of her whereas her colleague John prefers a computer. Ask ten different people what they prefer and you will receive ten different answers. The question is; what makes an effective meeting? A system for everyone Everyone has their own working method. And yet it is important we all use the same system. To keep track, to organize the workflow, to read each other notes, to create and archive documents. But is there a system out there that can do all these things? A system that will work for everybody within the organization? Make an inventory Yes, such a system exists. Also for your company. But before you explore this further, […]

Vincent van Gogh starts with paperless meetings

Date: 8 October 2015

With 12.000 clients Vincent van Gogh is the largest provider of mental healthcare in the Dutch provinces of Noord- and Midden Limburg and Brabant. People with psychological, psychiatric and addiction problems are treated here. To manage mail, dossiers and documents Vincent van Gogh uses OpenIMS. OpenSesame ICT and iBabs  created a standard connection between  OpenIMS Document Management Systeem and iBabs, so coworkers are now able to conduct paperless meetings.  Connection between DMS and iBabsFor Vincent van Gogh this is a great step towards an optimum benefit of the DMS. Documents used during a meeting are often created and managed in a DMS. And when iBabs and DMS are connected, clients will enjoy better usability.  And that is exactly the added value of iBabs.  Advantages of paperless meetings for Vincent van Gogh Saves timeNo need to search for the right documents when preparing for a meeting. All documents are centrally archived, updated […]