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How Cloud-Based Meeting Management Streamlined Jeroen Bosch Hospital’s Processes

Jeroen Bosch Hospital is a general hospital in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. As the largest non-academic hospital in the country, its governing body sought to optimise and streamline its meeting activities, including agenda and document management, scheduling and exchange of information.

Marleen van Meeteren, the secretary-manager of operations at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital, shared her experience of incorporating a seamless management system to keep track of all meeting activities.

The challenge

Much like the operating rooms of a hospital, meeting rooms should be equipped with the latest technology to simplify board collaboration and enhance productivity. Jeroen Bosch Hospital was struggling with scheduling meetings, sharing up-to-date documents with all the board members and maintaining board transparency. Piles of documents had to be put together for each participant before a meeting, making it a tedious process.

This was a hindrance to the overall efficiency of the board due to the absence of a centralised data storage system. This often led to misinformation as different versions got passed across the board. Additionally, all the information was bound to the building’s server, making it inaccessible outside the premises of the hospital.

As Marleen explained:

"Our meetings were arranged via Outlook, but making appointments with that and sending documents via mail was a hassle. Especially because the information is not stored centrally and thus different versions can easily circulate and create misunderstandings."

The solution

The iBabs board portal provided Jeroen Bosch Hospital with an efficient means of handling the board’s meetings and critical supervisory operations. It offered them a centralised platform where board members can stay updated on upcoming meetings and all the documentation can be distributed securely online.

Meeteren also elaborated that the software made it easy to keep all board members and stakeholders updated with the latest version of the board documents.

Here are the key benefits the organisation experienced as a result of implementing iBabs:

  1. Easy meeting scheduling: Because of the intuitive UI of iBabs, Marleen can organise meetings and plan sessions in one place. She can also send push notifications that appear on the stakeholders’ devices, giving them all the information they need regarding meeting agendas, action items, reviewing reports and signing documents.
  2. Secure cloud storage: The shift to a cloud-based, secure platform has made it easy for authorised personnel to access information. The advanced encryption system and ISO-certified processes keep critical data protected in the cloud.
  3. Seamless version management: Version control is integral to iBabs. Marleen said that she uses the web version to create agendas and new documents. Everyone connected receives them immediately, having access to only the latest version.
  4. Quick retrieval: Marleen expressed that iBabs’ search function allowed her to find any piece of information quickly at all levels, even if she could not recall the date.
  5. Simplified document annotations: iBabs was able to save Marleen valuable meeting preparation time with its feature of annotating digital documents. Members can create their own notes before the meeting and share them with their colleagues.
  6. Controlled access: All meeting documents are securely stored in the cloud and accessible only to authorised personnel. It is easy to specify permissions on who can access and control the data.
  7. Access from any location: With iBabs, the hospital board and staff can access the system from any location. Because the software is platform-independent, any portable device can be used to log in.

"This [software] makes meetings a much more streamlined operation… Everything is self-explanatory and it saves a lot of time!"

Results of increased efficiency

By switching to iBabs, the Jeroen Bosch Hospital has been able to improve the efficiency and organisation of its board meetings. It has made it easy to keep the members and shareholders engaged and in the loop at all times

Marleen said:

"[With iBabs] You can easily compile and distribute agendas, meeting documents, action points and decision lists… It can be embedded in the organisation's internal infrastructure."


iBabs has empowered Jeroen Bosch Hospital to add efficiency to its board management processes. By implementing the platform, the board can focus on the latest meeting updates, documentation and tasks. They can keep track of important decisions and share up-to-date board documents in an instant.

The hospital board now enjoys improved document management processes and easy, secure access to all the information they need from anywhere, be it inside or outside the building. 

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The iBabs board portal provided Jeroen Bosch Hospital with an efficient means of handling the board’s meetings and critical supervisory operations.