How iBabs Helped Organise SEMODU’s Board as the Company Scaled

SEMODU AG is a German-based construction technology company that has grown exponentially since it launched in 2017. The business has a unique vision: the creation of modular, serial, ecological and healthy living spaces, both in Germany and internationally.

With its impressive expansion into various locations, including Munich, Berlin, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Paris, and its recent IPO, there was a need to streamline the way in which the company aligned its meeting processes.

Amongst other duties, board advisor Marina Pavlovic is in charge of expansion strategy as well as the organisational and operational structure of the business. She led the search for a committee meeting management platform.

The need for change

Marina said that “the constant growth path and the development of new markets, as well as decentralised set-up, requires a digital solution to be able to drive projects forward in a target-oriented way.”

The team was running meetings within the standard MS Office environment. However, this was no longer suitable to keep up with the rapid expansion of the business.

The company needed a meeting portal that would help them align structural priorities across the business whilst accommodating its multinational presence. Marina also recalled that the search had involved identifying a solution that offered high level security, compatibility with existing tools and which they could manage in-house.

Why iBabs?

Amongst several providers that Marina investigated, iBabs stood out for its enticing web presence. After ensuring it also met the initial critical requirements of the business, such as running on EU-based servers, facilitating MS Office integration and the ability to be used in a range of different languages, SEMODU decided to request a demo of the platform.

Using iBabs' test environment revealed more about its strengths to Marina and the team. They were particularly impressed with the intuitive user experience and the benefits of iBabs’ central document management solution too. They also appreciated the fact that there are no hidden costs for using the platform.

Marina said:

“In addition to transparent price communication, iBabs scored points for easy scalability, an easy-to-navigate interface and the ability to centrally collect documents, signatures and votes as well.”

Onboarding iBabs

What distinguished iBabs from other tools was the level of support provided to SEMODU by the team.

Marina said:

“Our contact person was always available and willing to support us as efficiently as possible. Questions are answered in the shortest possible time and there is also a high degree of flexibility and scalability in the roll-out.”

The impact of using iBabs

Marina described an immediate impact on the company’s meetings as a result of using iBabs. In particular,

  • Enhanced clarity for the attendees of committee meetings
  • Efficiency improvements in the creation of draft agendas and meeting minutes
  • Streamlined processes thanks to the centralised management of different committees
  • Better document management, attaching relevant files to meeting agendas in the tool
  • Greater accountability by assigning action items and setting deadlines for completion
  • More structured preparation for meetings.


From open and honest pricing to better document management, time saving capabilities to improved preparation and accountability, iBabs has proved a positive addition to the growth story of SEMODU. As a company expands, organisation is evermore important. In addition, the added security of using EU servers and the ability to use the platform in different languages have helped the company to streamline its processes across multiple offices with the peace of mind that its data is safe.

If you want to experience the transformative powers of iBabs for your board meetings, request a demo today.

In addition to transparent price communication, iBabs scored points for easy scalability, an easy-to-navigate interface and the ability to centrally collect documents, signatures and votes as well.