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Speedy Agendas and No Confused Emails: The Impact of iBabs on Efficiency at the World Lottery Association

The World Lottery Association is an international member-based association of state-controlled lottery operators, licensed sports betting operators, as well as suppliers to the global gaming industry. As such, the ability to create agendas quickly and efficiently is vitally important. Agendas must be able to be presented to meeting attendees with enough time to allow them to prepare fully for the next meeting.

World Lottery Association executive assistant Eugenia Diaz was keen to improve efficiency within the organisation, noting that “time is precious and if making a change can be a benefit for yourself, your colleague and members, then you start to think about change.”

And iBabs’ meeting portal provided the change that she desired to help her, and her colleagues make the most of their time.

The challenge

Eugenia Diaz needed a quicker way of creating agendas and ensuring that all meeting attendees received the most up-to-date documents that they needed to prepare for their meetings.

Describing one key aspect of her role as “making work easier for our colleagues,” The WLA team sought a solution that would help speed up her workflow and solve another issue that she had found with meeting preparation. Before turning to iBabs, Eugenia would have to field multiple emails from meeting attendees asking her to resend the meeting agenda and documentation because they either did not have the files at all or had older versions.

As Eugenia says:

"Before we implemented iBabs, managing agendas and documents was a cumbersome process. Now, thanks to the user-friendly interface, I can efficiently create agendas and upload all the required documents. This has made a noticeable difference in our overall productivity and streamlined our meetings... Doing things the same way as always is not necessarily positive, especially when IT tools have developed so much and can help to be productive and help others to use their time in better ways."

The solution

iBabs was the ideal solution for the pain points experienced at the World Lottery Association. Eugenia Diaz had used an alternative solution in a previous role at another company but had found it not to be as user friendly, taking too long to create an agenda, then replicating this in 5 different languages and then upload relevant documents.

But iBabs met her needs and those of her colleagues. “It is very accessible for users and admins,” said Eugenia.

She was particularly happy with the time-saving capabilities, the functionality to organise meeting admin in one central location and the support that she received from the iBabs team as the World Lottery Association implemented the solution into its workflows.

"Creating the agenda and adding the documents to it helps our members to save time. In a click, they have everything they need for the meeting."

Impact of iBabs

Eugenia no longer receives email requests for agenda documents, as all meeting attendees have access to the latest files in one central location through their profile. She can also create agendas more quickly, saving her a lot of valuable time.

Another bonus is that Eugenia does not have to worry about anything going wrong. She can work, safe in the knowledge that iBabs’ professional and reactive support team is there to answer any questions that she may have.

And that support means that implementing iBabs will be a breeze for your business too.

As Eugenia Diaz says:

"The iBabs team's support during the implementation phase was exceptional. They were always responsive and professional, ensuring that our transition to the new platform was smooth and hassle-free. It's clear that they genuinely care about their customers' success."


To speed up your processes and help your team make the most of their time, iBabs is the ideal solution. Its intuitive agenda-building process helps you create the plan in less time, attaching the relevant documents to the discussion points. And they update across all attendees’ profiles when you make changes. Coupled with unrivalled support, iBabs is the solution to help you hold better and more effective meetings.

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The iBabs’ meeting portal provided the change that she desired to help her, and her colleagues make the most of their time.