The Deputy Town Clerk that saved 6 days a month

Date: 13 January 2021

Newquay Town Council is a relatively new local authority, established as recently as 1987. For most of its existence, the organisation has experienced steady but slow growth and was able to manage it effortlessly. In the past few years, however, things shifted dramatically as Newquay Town Council had to take on a number of new statutory duties. To handle the increasing volume of work, the staff was expanded to 47 employees. The growth was unexpected and presented new, unique challenges that we discussed with Callum Rowley, the organisation’s IT Service Manager. The need for a change As the Council was […]

Meeting 3.0: Goodbye briefcase, hello tablet!

Date: 8 December 2016

It’s not just employees in commercial companies who are increasingly working with a laptop, tablet and apps – (local) government too is using digital tools more often. And also during meetings. Because it’s exactly there that major savings can still be made. Perhaps your first thoughts go to saving money on paper and ink, but you can also save a lot on the meetings themselves. How can you do that? The answer is simpler than you might think: with a digital meeting tool. It might have seemed inconceivable ten years ago, but now that more and more private business is […]

Optimize tablet use through digital meetings

Date: 7 July 2016

Professional use of tablets is becoming increasingly popular. According to a study by Strategy Analytics projects the commercial use of tablets will continue to have a compound annual growth rate of 6% through 2020. By then it is projected that approximately 110,2 million tablets will have been sold for business use worldwide. According to this study, a tablet is becoming increasingly important as a workplace tool and that therefore more IT departments have developed correct policies to assure the secure use of tablets in the workplace. CPB: paperless working becomes standard By now the employees of the Centraal Planbureau (CPB) are […]

Municipal decision-making optimized by digital meetings

Date: 22 June 2016

Making decisions is never easy. Organizations don’t like to rush into things and thus we meet a lot. When it comes to government, decision-making follows a long and arduous path. Do you hold a position in a bureaucratic agency, for instance, in a municipality? Then you know better than anyone how many layers of hierarchy each proposal must go through. Eventually the proposals to the city council, often still on paper. And after that, the documents often need to be forwarded to committees and the board. This means an investment of an enormous amount of time and money in unnecessary […]

Tips for municipalities to update their meetings

Date: 16 January 2016

The average municipality will change drastically in the future due to aging, cultural diversity and regionalizing, among other modifications.  That is the case with one of our clients, the municipality of Utrecht. In order to involve their citizens as much as possible in developments, Utrecht broadcasts all council meetings live via the internet.  These live streams are coupled to the available documents, allowing viewers to directly see relevant records on the screen. The live stream is part of Utrecht’s transition to digital meetings. Leap to digital Utrecht Municipality has been holding digital meetings since 2013.  They were initially established to […]

Vincent van Gogh starts with paperless meetings

Date: 8 October 2015

With 12.000 clients Vincent van Gogh is the largest provider of mental healthcare in the Dutch provinces of Noord- and Midden Limburg and Brabant. People with psychological, psychiatric and addiction problems are treated here. To manage mail, dossiers and documents Vincent van Gogh uses OpenIMS. OpenSesame ICT and iBabs  created a standard connection between  OpenIMS Document Management Systeem and iBabs, so coworkers are now able to conduct paperless meetings.  Connection between DMS and iBabsFor Vincent van Gogh this is a great step towards an optimum benefit of the DMS. Documents used during a meeting are often created and managed in a […]