6 apps to help survive in the office jungle

Sound familiar? You have a business appointment but your navigation doesn’t recognize the address. It happened to me yesterday but luckily Googlemaps brought me through the traffic chaos and quickly to my destination. Also handy in Dutch traffic: Flitsmeister. Say goodbye to speeding tickets! Luckily the highway isn’t the only place where apps can be a lifesaver. I use them often to navigate through the office jungle. Some of my favorite apps include:

1. Trello

Do you also juggle several projects at the same time? Why not use a digital tool that provides greater perspective? With Trello separate tasks are placed on a pin board. If the status of a task changes, you can move it on to the next phase. Trello, thus, helps to provide overview while tracking the progress of projects.

2. iAnnotate

I regularly use iAnnotate to minimize printing out PDFs. With this app you can read PDFs, and also add comments. You can easily mark the text, and make your notes with a digital pen. You can also add remarks to the content. Using the search function you can quickly find files or specific passages in the text. Done? Then you can easily share the edited PDF with others.

3. ClickMe

Do you still write reminders on your hand? Faster and smarter reminders are made with ClickMe - Reminder in a click. You type in the element and decide when you want to be reminded. Then you no longer have to walk around wondering “that smeared ink blotch, what did I write there?”

4. Floatnote

Have you ever heard of Floatnote? This app allows you to take notes while you call on your smartphone. Once you are on the phone, a screen appears over your standard calling app. You can take quick notes on it and when your call is completed, the memo is saved. Handy, then you don’t lose those call-related flashes of brilliance. And a week later you don’t need to rely on your memory concerning where and when you agreed to meet an important client.

5. Slack

Do you often communicate with colleagues using a chat group? Then you should really try Slack, which is a very handy chat- and co-working app. How does it differ from WhatsApp? In addition to making communication easy, it integrates other tools such as Dropbox and GoogleDrive, so you can also quickly share documents. In March Slack also instituted a calling function, so you can call the entire group at once.

6. Franz

Do you work with a Mac? Then I recommend the new app Franz, This free app brings together all of the popular messaging services. With it you can easily pivot between WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts and Slack. It is handy to have all of these services all together, and it is unnecessary to have multiple applications open.

Convenient to have such a list, isn’t it? Using these apps helps to improve my efficiency significantly. And naturally there are many more work aids. For instance, digital tools can help you to optimize meetings. Would you like to read more? Download our ebook.

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23 March 2016
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