Meetings are an expensive hobby. Here are three tips to save money.

Sailing, motorcycling, travelling and horseback riding are among some of the most expensive hobbies around, but meetings are another one. Having said that, they are not exactly everyone’s favourite pastime; yet we still do a lot of it – roughly 300 hours a year (per employee!). In fact, over a year, the Dutch spend 60 billion euros on meetings. But they can be handled smarter and less expensively. If you want to keep more time and money back for more pleasant activities – or your real hobby – try some of the following tips.

Tip 1: save on printing and copying expenses

Still printing out all your meeting documents? If so, you know that you get through mountains of paper in a year. And because you print out your meeting documents, you also incur the considerable cost of buying ink and toners. And on top of that is the price of the printer itself, and the cost of maintaining it. So it’s a no-brainer. Using less paper in meetings is a short cut to saving money. In fact banning paper from the meeting room can save you 40% to 80%! No kidding!

Tip 2: save on filing space and searching

Do you still have those endless rows of filing cabinets laden with musty paper? And then you’re asked to track down one specific document? Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour rifling through old files. What a waste of time! And then there’s all that space that the stuffy filing cabinets take up, which could be used more practically.

Tip 3: more effective meetings

Every unnecessary minute that you spend in the meeting room costs you money. Just think what all of your colleagues earn per hour. Then add it up. Clearly, cutting your meetings by only five minutes can already save you a lot of money. It can be as easy as that. And you can use that money for other things, right? There are many ways of holding meetings more effectively, such as keeping strictly to the agenda, for example. Or by meeting standing up. Or by meeting digitally.

Save money through digital meetings

The last option – meeting digitally – is also the tool you need to implement tips one and two. Because if you meet digitally, you don’t need to print out documents. That not only saves you paper and ink, but also the secretary’s time. Copying, sorting and distributing documents are things of the past. And you need far less filing space for paper meeting documents. Because those taking part in the meeting can view the documents digitally, you can also save time before the meeting and make the meeting itself more effective. There will be no more questions about the latest version of meeting documents and no more thumbing through stacks of paper. It couldn’t be more effective!

If you would like to know more or read further about the other benefits of digital meetings, download our e-book here.

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