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What does Christmas dinner have in common with meetings?

Are you ready for the holidays? The day after Christmas we will hold a dinner party, so we’ve been busy preparing for the last week.  I enjoy the holidays but it can get quite hectic.  Thus even at home I prefer to have a systematic approach.

My wife planned the dinner already two weeks ago.  We ordered most of the necessities online and did some last minute shopping for a few perishables. It will be a busy day; we’ll start preparing at 2 o’clock. One dish needs to bake for three hours and for another we need to chop a huge pile of vegetables.

Minimize prep time

I convinced my wife to keep dessert simple this year: a chocolate crème brûlée. We’ll be wiped out at the end of such a busy day, but hope to have fond memories of an enjoyable evening.  I am still always amazed at how much time you spend preparing such a dinner.  And then in no-time it has been consumed. Maybe it is an occupational curse, but I can’t help but compare it with preparing for a meeting.  It also takes more time than you think.   If you have two one-hour meetings a week, it takes an executive assistant  2½ hours a week of preparation; that is 200 hours in a year (excluding vacation time)!  

A blender for your meeting

You can greatly reduce the preparation time for both if you have the correct tools and apparatus. Just as a good food processor or blender helps with dinner preparation, the right app helps you to optimize the whole meeting process by making it paperless: from inviting the participants with the meeting app to automatically uploading all of the correct materials per agenda item.  The days are over of printing versions of the meeting materials that may well be subsequently modified anyway.  And since this prevents misunderstandings about the meeting materials during meetings, they also proceed much more efficiently. And just as the dishwasher helps you zip through the cleanup, even during the meeting, actions can easily be assigned to the participants.  So the executive assistant in your organization will be pleased with paperless meetings, they save lots of time!