What Is Board Recruitment?

Board Recruitment / Boards Recruitment

Board recruitment is the systematic process of choosing a candidate to serve on the board. A formal approach is necessary to build a skilful and diverse pool of directors.

Importance of effective recruitment

A strategic board recruitment process demands time and effort. Here are a few reasons that state the importance of adopting a formulaic approach:

Fill skills gaps

Sound recruitment ensures that the new member fills the gaps in the serving board’s skillset and brings unique expertise to the table.

Increase diversity

Thorough recruitment takes board diversity into account. It is vital to develop candidates from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. 

Align with strategic goals

Having a sound interview process is essential to finding the right candidate who can support the board in effectively forming and executing company strategy.

Improving governance

Effective recruitment and onboarding ensure that new directors contribute to the company’s corporate governance process from the start.

Succession planning for the CEO or chair

A well-functioning board can ensure that the right person fills the company’s key leadership positions. Sound recruitment leads to a diverse and skilled board that actively contributes to developing a strong succession pipeline.

Recruitment process

An effective board recruitment process involves the following key steps:

Needs assessment

Identify your board and company’s primary needs. Creating a skills matrix can help determine the board’s current skills and levels.

Consider the following key criteria:

  • How well does your board represent your community?
  • Is the board diverse enough to leverage a range of perspectives?
  • Is there a specific skill gap that should be filled?
  • Does the board have enough roles to potentially fill key leadership positions?

Identifying suitable candidates

After assessing needs, the governance and nominating committee can then shortlist the right candidates to complement the board’s skills and expertise. It’s important to ask these questions while doing so:

  • Does the candidate possess the right expertise to further the company’s mission?
  • Do they have the skills to complement those of the existing board?
  • Do they have a network that can support the company’s growth?
  • How well do they know industry trends and challenges that may impact the company?

Evaluating and selecting the successful candidate

Once you have a candidate list, the board and shareholders must decide who fits the role best. Consider their speciality and area of expertise. Do they bring something new to the table? Assess their personality type and see how they can balance the board. The right candidate is someone whose strategic views line up with the organisation’s values.

Appointment and onboarding

The final step is to formally appoint and welcome the new director. A thorough orientation process will ensure that they can start contributing immediately. It also increases the chances of retaining them in the long term. 

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