What is a Committee Management System?

Committee Management System / Committee Management Systems

A committee management system is a governance and meeting organisation platform designed to streamline the management and decisions of committees within a public body.   

The role of committees is crucial in decision-making processes, governance and planning in government organisations. A committee management system is specifically tailored to boost the efficiency of all committee-related activities. 

Key features and functions 

Here are the core functions and features of the system: 

Scheduling meetings 

A committee management system maintains meeting schedules, facilitates agenda creation and stores all related documents. It automates the scheduling process, allowing members to issue invitations and create and circulate meeting packs with ease. 

Council member profiles 

The system includes a centralised database to manage all council and committee member profiles with ease. These include their names, roles, contact details and other relevant information. 

Governance structure 

It plays a key role in managing and optimising a government organisation’s governance structure. Its database holds all relevant information about committees and their members, highlighting their roles and terms of service.  

This clarifies their contributions to the organisation’s purpose and ensures that each committee has the right mix of expertise. It also allows citizens to understand who is responsible for the various areas of the body’s work.  

Important documentation 

The system stores and keeps track of all documents related to committee meetings and activities. It also facilitates easy retrieval and version control, ensuring the availability of up-to-date information. 

Voting and decision tracking 

A committee management system supports electronic voting during meetings, allowing officers to record and track all decisions, actions and votes made by committees. 

Notification and reminders 

The system sends automated reminders and notices of upcoming meetings, agenda items and other relevant information, ensuring all members are well informed. 

Meeting minutes 

The platform supports the effective management, documentation and delivery of meeting minutes. During meetings, members can record all discussions, decisions and action items in the system. It serves as a repository and ensures version control, keeping track of changes and ensuring easy access at all times. 

Benefits of a committee management system 

Here are the key benefits: 

  • Efficiency: It streamlines the creation and management of committees and automates repetitive admin tasks. 
  • Accessibility: As a central repository of information, the platform stores all important documents, meeting minutes, member profiles and relevant committee information. 
  • Transparency: Citizens can understand how the government body works due to public disclosure through the committee management system.  
  • Accountability: It promotes accountability by showing who is responsible for which actions and reporting on their progress.  
  • Compliance: The system stores all policies, regulations and legal guidelines to allow for better compliance.  

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