What Is A Plenary Session?

Plenary Session / Plenary Sessions

A plenary session is a part of a meeting where all invited members must be in attendance. In an organisation, plenaries could include the openings and endings of conferences where important statements are made and broader topics are discussed or simply a meeting of the full board. In government, it might be a meeting of the legislative body with all members in attendance.  

What happens at a plenary session? 

When a plenary session is called, all the main stakeholders come together to discuss key topics that apply to everyone in the organisation. These sessions typically include a wide range of subjects, including negotiations, pressing issues, current organisational performance and similar topics  

These discussions help gather the perspectives of all members on important matters, leading to better decision-making

Why is a plenary session important? 

Plenary sessions are essential to ensure good corporate governance. They allow all decision makers to get together and address common goals. Members with unique skills and experiences help optimise the overall decision-making process by collaborating to achieve the same objectives.  

Plenaries offer a means for everyone to have a say. This leads to improved communication as well as a much greater potential for solving problems and achieving the desired results compared to smaller groups. 

Difference between a plenary session, committee meeting or executive session 

In contrast to a plenary session, a committee meeting is not part of a main meeting. It is a formal gathering of a particular subgroup of a company. This is where all the committee members assemble to discuss a predefined objective which falls under their supervision. 

Similar to a plenary session, an executive session is also a part of a main meeting. However, it is where specific members of the main meeting convene to discuss sensitive and confidential matters. Unlike in a plenary session, the topics discussed in executive sessions often concern a specific individual or an issue.  

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