Meet to the max, with flexible meetings!

Date: 14 April 2016

Telecommuting is standard in more and more businesses. Perhaps you and your colleagues can already decide where and when you work. If not, would you like to work more flexibly? Here in the Netherlands, the Law for Flexible Work should help. This law has been in effect since the beginning of this year. If your Dutch company has more than ten employees, then you have the right to ask permission to telecommute. The new law fits perfectly with the swelling trend for more flexible work hours of the last decade. In addition, here in the Netherlands there are almost 2 […]

Meeting trends: what’s hot in 2016?

Date: 12 January 2016

Recently many “what’s hot” lists are published in the media. What, then, are the trends when it comes to meetings? SCRUM meetings were, for instance, increasingly popular in 2015.  And in 2016?  I predict the following meeting trends: A fresh breeze through the meeting room During the recent financial crisis we paid less attention to meetings and invested less money in them. This wasn’t always advantageous when it came to inspiration.  Although we have primarily held meetings “at home” the last years, the improving economy has led to an increase in external meeting location rentals. One meeting trend for 2016 […]