iBabs board meeting software
for Non-profits

As a non-profit, you operate under tight budgets and with great time constraints. iBabs is committed to helping you make your meetings both efficient and cost-effective so you can better focus on your mission. All voluntary organisations in the United Kingdom and Ireland receive a 50% discount on our platform.

Manage your entire decision-making process on one platform
Provide full transparency to all stakeholders
User-friendly board portal, accessible on all devices

Trusted by these and many other non-profits

Woman Inc
Save the Children
VluchtelingenWerk Nederland
BBC Children in Need

Bring your team together

Simplify your workflow
From document management to video conferencing and online voting, iBabs powers your board meetings end-to-end.
Engage your directors
Give your board an easy way to stay on top of meetings, collaborate and attend wherever they are to stimulate their involvement.
Create a single source of truth
Provide board and committee members with real-time mobile access to a centralised, searchable repository.

Available for every device and every major app store.

Unlock the power of full transparency

Act on your decisions
Always know who is responsible for an action, how it’s progressing and where the bottlenecks are. Everyone has a to-do list on their dashboard.
Engage the public
iBabs enables you to live stream your meetings and publish your voting records to demonstrate your commitment to transparency and attract more donors.
Create an audit trail
iBabs provides an audit trail of all activity on the platform, making it easier for non-profit boards to maintain an accurate official record of their meetings.

Do it all with iBabs


Generate a transcript of your live-streamed meeting instead of trying to write everything down manually.

Actions & Decisions

Document decisions on the spot, set deadlines and track progress with the iBabs traffic-light system.

Online Voting

Enable meeting participants to vote securely online on online and hybrid meetings.

Protect your information

Provide a secure board portal

iBabs uses government-grade encryption and ISO-certified processes to ensure your files, messages and comments are stored securely in the cloud.

Restrict access

You don’t have to worry about sensitive information because you can restrict access to specific items.

Anonymise documents*

Remove personally identifiable information from your documents to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

*Coming soon

The Deputy Town Clerk was spending a full day preparing the agenda and getting it ready in order to get approval from our members.

“The Deputy Town Clerk was spending a full day preparing the agenda
and getting it ready in order to get approval from our members.
It's come from an all-day task to a task that takes about an hour.That is saving the Council a lot of time and a lot of money.”

Callum Rowley, IT Service Manager, Newquay Town Council

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Whenever you run into an issue or you have a question, we’ll be on the other end of the line.
Our strict, ISO-certified support policy guarantees that we’ll respond to your enquiry in 1 to 4 hours.

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