Board Meeting Templates Kit

Board meetings form the strategy of an organisation. This means that you have to have processes in place to record the meeting outcomes and action items accurately, manage the many administrative tasks and be able to facilitate the effectiveness of the board’s work. One of those processes is using templates to capture the important information generated by the meeting. 

Having templates for the various record-keeping aspects of a board meeting helps you standardise your workflow, ensure all information is correct and be certain that you have met all your regulatory requirements too. 

This board meeting templates kit provides a range of different templates that you can use in your meetings from now on. 

What is included? 

Robert's Rules of Order formal minutes template

For formal meetings that run according to Robert’s Rules, such as a board meeting, this minutes template provides spaces for you to record all of the necessary details, from officers’ reports to motions. 

The structure is based on the official RONR format, ensuring you adhere to the correct procedures for recording the proceedings. 

Robert's Rules of Order basic minutes template 

For less formal meetings that still commit to the basic principles of Roberts’ Rules, this pared-down minutes template helps you to complete all the necessary record-keeping in a simpler and clearer manner. 

Meeting minutes template

For meetings that do not run according to Robert’s Rules, this template provides an easy-to-use structure that records the main aspects of the meeting, including the culmination of open issues, the discussion of new business and the action points that arise from the meeting, as well as assignees to those action points and the date by which they must be complete. 

Meeting action item template

This template helps you record and track the action items that derive from meetings. Fill in a row for each action item, setting the status to show whether it is started, on hold, in progress, overdue or complete. Add a reference to what the item entails, the assignee and the priority level; low, medium or high. Set a due date and add any relevant notes in the appropriate column. 

Annual operational plan template

Having a template for your annual operational plan provides a focal point for all stakeholders, where they can visualise the objectives, strategies for achieving those objectives, assignees, KPIs and status of the objectives in one central location. 

This template allows you to provide summaries of the key elements and set out next steps that the board must take to meet its goals for the year. 


What are these templates for?

These templates are designed to assist administrators in effectively documenting board meeting minutes, tracking action items arising from meetings and creating an annual operating plan. They provide structured formats and guidelines for efficient record-keeping and planning.

Can I customise the templates? 

You can customise the templates as much as you like. Once you download them, you can adjust the colour or order of them to suit your company branding and meeting procedures. These templates represent best practices for each of the uses they are designed for, but everyone has their own way of working. These templates provide the foundation for an easier and more efficient way of working. 

What should board meeting minutes include? 

The minutes should feature details such as the meeting date, time and location, attendees' names, apologies for absence and the name of the individual who chaired the meeting. 

The minutes should cover a summary of discussions on each agenda item, highlighting important points, motions proposed, decisions made and any action items assigned along with the responsible parties and deadlines. 

Additionally, they should record the results of votes or resolutions, matters arising from previous meetings, and the time of adjournment of the meeting.

Templates are smart but there is something better

Even though meeting templates are a step ahead of keeping it all in your head, they still require a lot of time and energy to manage properly. 

With the iBabs board portal, you can stop looking for documents all the time and worrying if you have the latest version. iBabs stores all your meeting-related information in a centralised hub, enables you to generate meeting minutes and agendas with a click, keeps track of your action items and ensures all stakeholders are notified when a file is updated. You can even automatically circulate documents for approval, saving your precious time. Request Free Demo.

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