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Focus on making decisions

iBabs Meeting Management platform is designed to save you as much time and effort as possible.

Take back all those hours

Preparing for a meeting shouldn’t take an entire day of printing stacks of paper.

In this fast-paced world, you need a meeting management solution that is simple, efficient, and incredibly easy to use. With iBabs, you can manage the entire meeting process on a single platform.

Goodbye, paper!

Whether you’re a director, a secretary or a chair, you understand how much time and effort goes into meeting preparation. With iBabs, all participants have everything they need at their fingertips and you are in control. No more paper!

Save time and effort to prepare


Save time and effort to prepare

  • Say goodbye to endless piles of paper
  • Connect relevant documents to agenda points
  • Add new people to iBabs quickly, easily and cost-effectively
Ensure everyone has what they need


Ensure everyone has what they need

  • Easily note and distribute minutes
  • Find past meetings and notes quickly
  • Updated document? Everyone automatically has the latest version
Make follow-up more efficient


Make follow-up more efficient

  • Sensitive document are safe and secure
  • Review all files on one screen, on any device
  • Control who has access to confidential files

Keep your records straight

No more time-consuming typing of meeting minutes or checking if all attendees received the necessary documents.

Create meeting documents
in mere minutes and instantly add attachments. Agendas, meeting minutes, resolutions… It’s all in the cloud, accessible on any device.
iBabs uses push notifications
to inform stakeholders of any updates or changes. This means the latest version of a document is always available to everyone. And, you’re saving trees with a paperless system!

Keep your secrets safe

As secure as your bank account

If iBabs was a physical place, meeting in it would be like meeting in a secret military base, with the special forces guarding all entrances.

The 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
protects your files in the cloud and when they are travelling online. This technology is used by most governments, banks, and military organisations.
Our ISO-certified security management systems
follow all industry best practices. We also use two-factor authentication to make sure only authorised personnel can access the platform.

Get a tried and tested solution you can trust

Since 2011 the iBabs team has worked hard to make meetings easier and more productive for all types of organisations, including businesses, schools, city governments and more. Today, more than 300,000 people conduct their meetings on the secure iBabs portal.

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Bord Bia
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iBabs is making meetings easier for more than 3000 Different organisations in Europe
iBabs already has more than 300000 happy users

Deploy iBabs in less than one week.

Whether you are using a board portal or paper, switching to iBabs can be done in hours. You make the request online, receive your personalised training in a few hours and you're ready to go. We told you. We like things to be simple.

We define your needs together.

You can contact us with just a few clicks. Our dedicated team will answer your questions, understand your needs and prepare everything for your transition.

Our team installs iBabs.

All the hard work is done by our team and your IT department just needs to allow our App on any work devices. You receive personalised training, allowing you to take charge of your iBabs site straight away.

Get support when you need it.

Our support team is at your disposal by email or phone all week. We respond to all requests within 1 to 4 hours.