iBabs board meeting software
for Central Government

As a government department, you need to make critical decisions efficiently and with the utmost security. iBabs for government departments helps you manage your meetings, make better informed decisions and maintain compliance every step of the way.

Ensure rigorous security at all times
Deliver transparency for voter confidence
Meet regulatory requirements

Trusted by these and many other central governments
and governmental departments

IDA Ireland
Parliament of Aruba
Nationale Ombudsman
Raad van State

Stay secure and compliant

Robust security protocols
iBabs uses the same encryption that banks and departments of defence trust. All servers are EU-based for the most stringent security.
Compliance as standard
Annotate important documents as you would on paper. Everyone gets a notification on their device as soon as there is a comment or a change.
No third-party apps needed
iBabs can support you through the entire meeting process, from preparation to follow-up, there are no weak links from third-party apps.

Available for every device and every major app store.

Transparent decision making

Create an audit trail
When you make decisions in the iBabs platform, it records them so that you can search and find an accurate representation of what happened and why in the future.
Live stream meetings
Allow the public to watch what happens in your meetings by live streaming them and offering total transparency over how you take decisions that affect them.
Publish voting records
Because iBabs logs your votes and decisions, you can publish voting records on your website to allow citizens to understand where members stand on certain issues.

Do it all with iBabs


Generate a transcript of your live-streamed meeting instead of trying to write everything down manually.

Actions & Decisions

Document decisions on the spot, set deadlines and track progress with the iBabs traffic-light system.

Online Voting

Enable meeting participants to vote securely online on online and hybrid meetings.

Protect your information

Provide a secure board portal

iBabs uses government-grade encryption and ISO-certified processes to ensure your files, messages and comments are stored securely in the cloud.

Restrict access

You don’t have to worry about sensitive information because you can restrict access to specific items.

Anonymise documents*

Remove personally identifiable information from your documents to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

*Coming soon

We now save a lot of time, especially before and during meetings. During a meeting, people can quickly take notes and share them, which makes the meeting process smoother for us.

”iBabs stores data within the EU, and that was a very important selection criterion for us. Not all providers of digital meeting solutions meet this requirement. We now save a lot of time, especially before and during meetings.
During a meeting, people can quickly take notes and share them, which makes the meeting process smoother for us.”

Erwin Zijleman, Head of Information Technology & Research Support

The iBabs team is here to help you

Whenever you run into an issue or you have a question, we’ll be on the other end of the line.
Our strict, ISO-certified support policy guarantees that we’ll respond to your enquiry in 1 to 4 hours.

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