iBabs has more than 300000 users, and this increases significantly every day
iBabs is being used by 3000+ different organisations in Europe
iBabs is available in 26 different countries all over the world
iBabs has experience for over 25+ years in providing the best board meeting solution

The Story

Our story started in 1997 with the Government Ministries of the Netherlands

Our story started in 1997 with the Government Ministries of the Netherlands. Our founders were asked to help them manage their workflows and two years later we also started to support their decision making.

In 2003 we added meeting management and after the introduction by Apple of iPads in 2010 we launched iBabs our App based solution so our customers could access iBabs on their new tablets. Many organisations bought iPads for their staff so iBabs use rocketed!

About us - The story 2

As technology evolved so did we with the introduction of iBabs Android and Windows Apps, so customers can use our solution on any device whether it is iOS, Android or Windows, Laptop tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.

Following our success with the ministries of the Netherlands iBabs has grown in popularity to dominate the Netherlands market with customers across all sectors - 240 cities, all Ministries, banks, health care, schools and universities, housing corporations, SMEs and PLCs.

iBabs has always been at the forefront on security as we have Central Banks, consumer banks, security services and Ministries using iBabs everyday. We have AES256 encryption two factor authentication and 7 mobile device management options to offer the highest protection.

So from small beginnings 25 years ago now over 3,000 companies and more than 300,000 individuals use iBabs everyday to manage their meetings, decision-making and workflows.

About us - The story 3

The story continued at an international level when we became part of the Euronext group (Euronext are the pan European Stock Exchange and the largest centre for debt and funds listings in the world).

We are proud that our team has kept with iBabs all these years, with many of our staff having 10, 15 and 20+ years’ experience with us. In 2018 we welcomed new sales managers to the iBabs family - in the UK, Ireland and France and in 2022 we have been pleased to welcome new sales managers in Sweden, Italy, Spain and Germany.

So from humble beginnings, iBabs today is used in over 25 countries from Chile, Brazil, Singapore, Uganda, Spain, Morocco, France and the USA, to Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands.

But we are not stopping there

But we are not stopping there

We are proud to offer the best solutions to manage meetings, decision-making and workflows in an intuitive, trusted and secure solution. In 2022 we added digital signing, video conferencing, voting and user engagement as well as Connect Live enabling our public customers to live-stream meetings, capture minutes and video of the meeting for the public transparency.

iBabs is helping people worldwide to manage their meetings, decision-making and workflows. We have small companies with 10-20 users to big organisations with 600-1200 users and we have some of the worlds largest and best known organisations through to the smallest of SMEs and charities using iBabs.

Best of all our customers love iBabs and stay with us, with customers of 20+ years. We are also proud that the majority of new customers come via word-of-mouth as this lets us know we’re doing a great job and we love welcoming new organisations to the ever-growing iBabs family.

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About iBabs

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