Get all the approvals you need on time

Create Routes

With Dossiers, you can create an approval route for your documents to ensure you get them all ready on time.

Different routes

The stages of the route can be sequential or run in parallel, reflecting even the most complex processes within your organisation.

Shared feedback

Feedback is shared directly with the document author, putting the responsibility where it belongs.

Track Progress

Progress can be tracked at each stage to provide greater transparency around your processes.

Document approval with iBabs Dossiers

Set route for each document that needs to be reviewed.
Let the author manage all questions and edits on the document.
Track progress with the iBabs traffic light system (Red, Amber, Green).

Document approval before iBabs

Manual forwarding

You print a document and you start sending it to the various stakeholders for approval. First, it goes to the team meeting, then to the management meeting, and so on... But, right before it goes to the board for final approval, it’s pushed back. The administrator has to know this and keep it in mind.

Difficult to keep track

When the document is delayed because of missing information or sent back to the author for edits, it becomes very difficult for the administrator to keep track of where this document is in the approval process.

Paul Theunissen, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Euronext

“We would have made the decision years ago if we had known that it would be so simple to digitize our board of directors.”

iBabs immediately established itself as the fluidifier of our governance.

Paul Theunissen Secretary of the Board of Directors of Euronext

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