Where meeting documents and decision-making
seamlessly converge

The value of shared information

In the iBabs Public Portal, information sharing is elevated to a higher level.

Enable citizens to follow decision-making processes by giving them direct access to important decisions.
Share open letters and communications that enrich public dialogue and engagement.
Ensure that important documents and materials are easily accessible to all who need them.
Fully compliant with Open Government Acts, the portal makes sharing publications easy and conforms to transparency requirements.

A dedicated environment tailored to the public

Bring meetings into the living room

True public accessibility of meetings is achieved by making them accessible and transparent for all involved.

Clear agendas
Provide insight into the topics and meeting documents, so citizens can prepare themselves.
Live streaming
Bring the meeting room to the people. The ability to live stream meetings allows everyone to be involved in decision-making.
Voting results
Transparency in decision-making is crucial. Share voting results to enhance accountability and clarity in decision-making processes.
Categorised Information
Make it easy for citizens to find the information they seek by categorising it by type of meeting.

Give governance a face

Give governance a face

A statement of openness and progressive governance communication.

Information platform
Offer a portal where providing information to the public is central.
Transparent member directory
Present all members of the organisation, including a transparent overview of their voting behaviour, so citizens get a clear picture of the viewpoints and decision-making processes within the organisation.
Custom branding
Make the portal truly part of the organisation by aligning the design with the organisation's branding, ensuring recognition and coherence in all communications.
Accessibility guaranteed
The Public Portal meets all accessibility requirements, ensuring that every citizen can be reached.

A complete range of solutions for transparency in modern governance

A reliable partner for important meetings.

Easily prepare meetings with annotations. Collaborate effortlessly with notes, polls, and minutes, regardless of the device and location.

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From transparency
to participation

Our webcasts and webinars engage stakeholders, officials, and citizens in decision and policy-making.

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Whistleblower software that strengthens the speak-up culture.

IntegrityLog is secure whistleblower software with built-in compliance functions that ease the burden of adhering to local laws and enable safe reporting.

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