iBabs board meeting software
for Housing Associations

iBabs is a board portal for housing associations that enables you to organise meetings in hours instead of days, collaborate more efficiently in the cloud and reduce your meeting costs.

Cut your meeting preparation time dramatically
Provide 24/7 access to your important documents
Collaborate in real-time, no matter where you are

Trusted by these and many other housing associations

Lincolnshire Housing Partnership
Fife Housing Group
The Iveagh Trust
Woonzorggroep Samen
Home Invest Belgium
Woonstad Rotterdam

Free your board from paper

Create board packs that fit in a pocket
Create, update and distribute board packs digitally. The latest version is pushed to all stakeholders’ devices, keeping your board in the loop.
Turn board work into teamwork
Collaborate on documents in real-time and annotate them as you would on paper. Easily store and manage all your files in one centralised and secure database.
Ensure a smooth transition
With user-friendly interface, personalised training and various integrations, transferring your existing files and getting members up to speed is effortless.

Available for every device and every major app store.

Secure your digital meeting process

Keep sensitive information safe
Our ISO-certified information security system, at the level of government standards, ensures that all your documents are encrypted and protected.
Run virtual meetings on iBabs
Thanks to the in-built video conferencing and voting capabilities, you can host virtual meetings directly on the iBabs platform for enhanced security.
Stay on top of approvals
Effortlessly monitor all documents that require approval, stay informed of who needs to sign and allow members to sign digitally right within the iBabs platform.

Do it all with iBabs


Generate a transcript of your live-streamed meeting instead of trying to write everything down manually.

Actions & Decisions

Document decisions on the spot, set deadlines and track progress with the iBabs traffic-light system.

Online Voting

Enable meeting participants to vote securely online on online and hybrid meetings.

Protect your information

Provide a secure board portal

iBabs uses government-grade encryption and ISO-certified processes to ensure your files, messages and comments are stored securely in the cloud.

Restrict access

You don’t have to worry about sensitive information because you can restrict access to specific items.

Anonymise documents*

Remove personally identifiable information from your documents to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

*Coming soon

Everyone is very happy with this way of working

“Everyone is very happy with this way of working. Among the features that the directors and secretaries enjoy the most are reduced use of paper and greater security.There has been no negative feedback.
iBabs is really an efficient and easy-to-use solution.”

Sven Janssens, CEO and Ingrid Quinet, Chief Legal Officer

The iBabs team is here to help you

Whenever you run into an issue or you have a question, we’ll be on the other end of the line.
Our strict, ISO-certified support policy guarantees that we’ll respond to your enquiry in 1 to 4 hours.

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