iBabs board meeting software
for Small and medium-sized enterprises

If you're tired of spending valuable time on administrative tasks for your board meetings, iBabs can help. Our board portal solution streamlines your entire meeting process, so you can focus on making important decisions and growing your business.

Save time and improve efficiency
Ensure security and confidentiality
Meet regulatory requirements with confidence

Simplify document management

Distribute board packs
Save time and money by pushing documents directly to each meeting member’s device, with changed updating immediately in users’ accounts.
Sign documents online
Get legally binding signatures even when your meeting members are working remotely and create a digital audit trail that exists in the cloud in case of queries.
Easy access to important documents
Meeting members can find relevant passages in documents in seconds, rather than trawling through reams of paper. This speeds up and simplifies meetings..

Available for every device and every major app store.

Improve meeting preparation

Advanced collaboration
Users can collaborate on documents between meetings. This allows you to jump straight into the discussion without having to bring users up to speed, saving time and getting more done.
Access anywhere
Meeting members can access their documents anywhere and on any device, allowing them to prepare more easily, be better informed and make better decisions.
Get the agenda out in time
The process of developing and distributing meeting agendas is much simpler, allowing you to get it in front of users more quickly and giving them more time to prepare for the topics up for discussion.

Do it all with iBabs


Generate a transcript of your live-streamed meeting instead of trying to write everything down manually.

Actions & Decisions

Document decisions on the spot, set deadlines and track progress with the iBabs traffic-light system.

Online Voting

Enable meeting participants to vote securely online on online and hybrid meetings.

Protect your information

Provide a secure board portal

iBabs uses government-grade encryption and ISO-certified processes to ensure your files, messages and comments are stored securely in the cloud.

Restrict access

You don’t have to worry about sensitive information because you can restrict access to specific items.

Anonymise documents*

Remove personally identifiable information from your documents to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

*Coming soon

It was a burdensome task to find the right email and then the right attachment or find the right meeting minutes.

“It was a burdensome task to find the right email and then the right attachment or find the right meeting minutes. The success [of using iBabs] is that everybody is always on top of all the information and communication… It's easy access to everything, and they can also interact with it.”

Gloria Pianta, CFO at Itago

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