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How To Take Non-Profit Meeting Minutes + Template

Date: 25 June 2024

The non-profit sector is one of the best performing for taking meeting minutes. In our State of Meeting Management 2024 report, 86% of meeting participants from non-profits confirmed that someone minuted meetings and distributed them afterwards. However, only 54% of those in non-profits reported that action points stayed on the radar and were followed up in a timely manner.  As minutes play a key role in holding non-profit board members accountable, it could suggest that there is an issue with the way organisations are dealing with the minuting process.  In order to make sure your organisation’s minutes help the board […]

How To Run A Board Meeting As A Non-Profit And Ensure Efficiency

Date: 13 June 2024

Writing in the Harvard Business Review, consultant Alan Cantor highlights some of the challenges non-profits face when running their board meetings. Cantor says:  “As a consultant to nonprofit organizations, I often hear board members complain, ‘We almost never have time in board meetings to talk about strategy. We’re too busy with board business!’” Get the Board Meeting Template Kit Meeting agenda, annual plan, board resolution and more templates to use in your meetings Download now There is a temptation to load the meeting with current matters, reports and financial details, which often means there is no time to move onto […]

How to Write a Non-profit Board Meeting Agenda + Template

Date: 2 May 2024

Board meetings at non-profits are essential to help the company fulfil its vision, mission and purpose. It is your chance to gather together the skills, expertise and experience of your board members to make decisions that will drive the organisation forward in an efficient and sustainable manner.  However, our State of Meeting Management 2024 survey found that meetings across this sector were not as efficient as they could be. 92% of those representing non-profits that responded to the study rated their meeting satisfaction as five or below out of ten. There are many reasons why attendees might not be getting […]

Key Learnings from our 2024 Global Meeting Survey

Date: 11 April 2024

iBabs’ State of Meeting Management 2024 report provides fascinating and insightful meeting productivity statistics from a survey of more than 2,000 respondents. The participants comprised stakeholders with a range of roles in meetings at organisations including corporate giants, government bodies, non-profits and healthcare providers. Key findings The goal was to produce business meeting statistics that offer a complete view of the meeting landscape, focusing on both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of meeting management. We explored every stage of the meeting lifecycle, from preparation to execution and follow-up, ensuring our data was robust and reflective of current trends and challenges.  […]

How To Use A Board Composition Matrix To Build A Diverse Board

Date: 19 March 2024

Finding the right board composition balance is challenging for organisations, but it is essential in the current climate. As investment firm Abrdn states, “a balanced composition allows it [the board] to adapt to the changing demands of the business environment and ensures that it can fulfil its role in driving sustainable corporate performance.”  Discover 11 actionable steps to guide new board recruits Help fresh directors feel welcome and reach their peak performance with this comprehensive guide. Download guide Businesses in Europe have to be working towards increasing diversity. With the upcoming Women on Boards Directive, every listed company within the […]

Which Types Of Civic Engagement Should Councils Focus On?

Date: 27 February 2024

There are numerous benefits of the different types of civic engagement, which include increasing trust in the democratic process, fostering a sense of community and the opportunity to hold elected officials accountable for their actions.  However, the UK government found that levels of engagement in fact dropped between 2020/21 and 2021/22, when 41% and 34% of citizens respectively confirmed they had partaken in at least one form of civic engagement.  The good news is that councils have the opportunity to reverse this trend and improve their outreach to citizens. However, it is important to be strategic about seeking participation from […]

How To Utilise The Power Of Online Citizen Engagement

Date: 14 February 2024

One of the most powerful tools a government organisation has in its arsenal is the ability to interact with the people that it represents. Creating this two-way, consultative relationship can bring many benefits to local councils and municipalities. As the World Bank states: “Citizens play a critical role in advocating and helping to make public institutions more transparent, accountable, and effective, and contributing innovative solutions to complex development challenges.” Whereas once this engagement would take place solely in face-to-face, in-person situations, nowadays, a majority of interactions take place online. However, many government organisations have yet to take advantage of their […]

Board Meeting Templates Kit

Date: 24 January 2024

Board meetings form the strategy of an organisation. This means that you have to have processes in place to record the meeting outcomes and action items accurately, manage the many administrative tasks and be able to facilitate the effectiveness of the board’s work. One of those processes is using templates to capture the important information generated by the meeting.  Having templates for the various record-keeping aspects of a board meeting helps you standardise your workflow, ensure all information is correct and be certain that you have met all your regulatory requirements too.  This board meeting templates kit provides a range […]

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