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Webinar – A showcase of the iBabs board portal

Date: 19 June 2019

We’re inviting you to a special webinar to show you exactly how the iBabs board portal works. Presenter Richard Sealey will walk through the special features, as well as talk about a very practical approach to implement a digital board portal. You’ll learn more about: A real life example of how to best introduce a new paperless board meeting solution to your board How to get even the most anti-digital users love and embrace a paperless solution A rundown of iBabs, our board portal solution The functionalities that made my former board say “why didn’t we have this before?” when they finally got to use iBabs And much more… P.S.: If you’re not entirely happy with your current solution, or you’re just starting the journey of going paperless, then I’d wholeheartedly recommend attending this webinar. This webinar will be presented by: Richard Sealey, UK Ireland & Nordics Sales Manager at iBabs […]

In the cloud or in the safe? Secure your digital meeting documents!

Date: 30 September 2016

The development of the Internet of Things has been advancing for some time and seems set to continue. Not only at home but in the office too, increasingly more devices, programs and digital tools are communicating with each other. That’s handy but it does call for continuous attention to security, as criminals are also keeping pace with these developments and computers are being increasingly held hostage by means of ransomware. Of course, the idea of this happening with your confidential meeting documents doesn’t bear thinking about! Stay a step ahead of the cybercriminals One of the steps that companies are taking to stay ahead of the cybercriminals is the development of a Bring Your Own Device policy (BYOD) for employees that work with their own devices. This is a good plan if you want to avoid confidential documents, such as digital meeting documents, from being hacked via privately owned devices. […]

Optimum meetings at the end of the working day: 4 tips

Date: 4 August 2016

For many professionals for whom meetings are commonplace, the working day doesn’t end at 17.00 hours. Whether you work at a comprehensive school, hospital, government institution or commercial company: it’s not always possible to get all colleagues together in the daytime. Other things often just need to be done from 9 to 5. Evening meetings? They’re everywhere! After a hard day’s work however, the clogged conference lurks just around the corner. Not in your veins this time, but in your organization. Especially when faced with regularly recurring and time-consuming meetings. Are you ready to clear the clogging in the conference room? It’s time to dump the detergents and start using the following tips: Tip 1: ditch deep-rooted conventions Does your organization regularly have lots of evening meetings? Try switching off the auto pilot and checking whether each and every meeting really is necessary. Are there insufficient points on the agenda? […]

4 tips for safe digital meetings

Date: 30 June 2016

Your confidential meeting documents on the street…or lost. Perish the thought! And yet, it still happens regularly. Just last month secret negotiation documents concerning the TTIP free trade agreement were made public. They included confidential information that was intended for a top-secret meeting. That certainly turned out completely different than the intention. And the result was exceptionally painful. How secure are your meeting documents? Security concerning meetings is never easy. People are people, and thus they lose printed documents, leaving them in the back of a taxi or forget them in the photocopier. If you want to reduce the risk of embarrassing leaks, consider paperless meetings.Your colleagues only need a tablet to prepare for their meeting. During the meeting, also, there is no paper to be seen. All of the meeting materials are on the server or in the cloud. With this you have tackled the chance that paper meeting […]