All the information you need at a glance

Increase your productivity with a clear to-do list consisting of action items, reports, documents for signing and other important elements.
Personalise your dashboard with custom reports to show what is important to you, whether it’s specific tasks within a project or documents you’re waiting on.
Manage the meeting schedule, collaborate on agendas and minutes, and discuss board papers online to save precious time at the next meeting.
Track board engagement and improve accountability with detailed statistics, such as hours spent in meetings and percentage of documents read.

How it works

Use the default dashboard view if you want a quick start with as little effort as possible.
Configure your dashboard. Add your own tiles from our catalogue and arrange them as you like.
Quickly find what you need. Create new filters to zoom in on the items that are most relevant to you.

Before iBabs

Lack of transparency

Without a centralised dashboard, it’s difficult to keep track of action items, route board papers for approval and understand board engagement. Decisions may not be acted upon, and it may be difficult to understand who is responsible for what.

Administrative overhead

The secretary has to devise their own systems to manage the meeting calendar, send the right documents for signing and understand task progress. The iBabs dashboard provides a clear overview of all this, saving hours of admin work.

Paul Theunissen, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Euronext

“We would have made the decision years ago if we had known that it would be so simple to digitize our board of directors.”

iBabs immediately established itself as the fluidifier of our governance.

Paul Theunissen Secretary of the Board of Directors of Euronext

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