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How To Use A Board Composition Matrix To Build A Diverse Board

Date: 19 March 2024

Finding the right board composition balance is challenging for organisations, but it is essential in the current climate. As investment firm Abrdn states, “a balanced composition allows it [the board] to adapt to the changing demands of the business environment and ensures that it can fulfil its role in driving sustainable corporate performance.”  Businesses in Europe have to be working towards increasing diversity. With the upcoming Women on Boards Directive, every listed company within the European Union will be obligated to recruit at least 40% female non-executive directors by 2026. In the UK, the Parker Review has set a target […]

46 Board Member Interview Questions To Help You Find The Right Directors

Date: 1 December 2023

Consistency is the key for an effective board, and that means getting succession planning right. You need to know you have the right directors ready to come in and hit the ground running when a previous board member steps down. Furthermore, when you look to expand your board, having a candidate who has the necessary skills and experience to drive your board forwards is essential.  The step of the recruitment process that truly helps you understand whether someone will be a good fit is interviews. And asking the right board member interview questions will allow you a clear understanding of […]

How To Announce New Board Members And Make Them Feel Welcome

Date: 19 October 2022

The process of onboarding new directors at an organisation must be handled in the correct manner to help them hit the ground running. From knowing how to announce new board members to welcoming them at their first meetings and supporting them from there, you want to minimise disruption and get them doing what they were appointed to do as quickly as possible.   Discussing the process of welcoming new board members, Didier Cossin of the Institute for Management Development (IMD) Global Board Center said that effective onboarding “facilitates the smooth operation of the board and its evolution. The process is highly […]

What Makes A Good Company Director Today?

Date: 3 October 2022

Company directors hold a great deal of responsibility in a modern organisation. They make decisions on the strategic future of the company, using independent judgement to continually challenge the status quo.  In addition, Financier Worldwide reports that “since the financial crisis, the risk oversight responsibilities and associated liabilities of European directors have been increasing”.  So, what makes a good company director in today’s corporate world?  The company looks to its board of directors to bring skills, expertise and experience to the table that it is otherwise lacking. This article explores ten key facets that every board director should display in […]

How to Increase Board Diversity (and Reap All the Benefits)

Date: 10 August 2022

A diverse corporate board can bring a multitude of benefits to an organisation, and that is reflected in the increased pressure on boards to become more inclusive. Indeed, some countries have diversity quotas, with France requiring at least 40% of directors to be female, for example.  And whilst this is both welcome and long overdue, the definition of diversity relating to boards is much broader than this. This article will explain more and tell you how to increase board diversity and embrace the positive outcomes of social, professional and cognitive differences.  What is board diversity and why is it important? […]

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