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High-speed meeting minutes: 6 handy tips

Date: 9 May 2016

Just imagine: never having to take minutes again! How great would that be? Sorry to burst your bubble. Taking minutes is, and will likely always remain, a necessary evil. You know as well as anyone, that proper minutes–including clear lists of decisions and action points–ensure that the subsequent meeting flows faultlessly. Unfortunately, we cannot erase the necessity of taking minutes, but the following tips will help you to take them much more quickly! Here are 6 tips for efficient meeting minutes-taking. Tip 1: Clear agenda With a clear agenda, you simplify life significantly. It saves a lot of irritation. If the objective of each agenda item is clear and the amount of time to be spent on it defined, communication is simplified. And the more focused the discussion, the easier it is to take minutes! Tip 2: Many new faces? Make a face chart Are there many unknown faces in the […]

Don’t tumble into these 5 meeting pitfalls!

Date: 16 February 2016

Family friends booked their summer vacation already months ago: a boat trip on the Amazon. This has been their dream destination for years. After all of the commotion over the Zika virus, though, they decided to postpone the trip. They are concerned that not all of the details about the virus are known. This provides an unsafe feeling: so many hazards and risks that they cannot oversee. I’d do the same, after all prevention is better than cure! The same is true with meetings. If you are aware of the following pitfalls, you can avoid a lot of meeting pain. Pitfall 1: meeting just to meet Do you also have set weekly, or even daily, meetings in your organization? There is nothing wrong with that, providing there are enough relevant agenda points. If not, postpone the points to the next meeting or cancel it completely. It is a waste of […]

7 tips for effective meetings

Date: 26 January 2016

Everyone has experienced them, those meetings that seem to drag on forever. Endless discussions with no resolutions: it’s such a waste of time and, particularly, money.  That’s why this blog will give you seven tips to increase the efficiency of the meetings in your organization. 1. Is it really necessary to meet? This may seem obvious but it is still important to ask: do all of these topics really need to be discussed? Perhaps a meeting isn’t even necessary!  2. Clear agenda An effective meeting begins with a clear agenda that is distributed well in advance so that all participants are prepared. Therefore there is no doubt which subjects are planned and what the goal of the meeting is.   3. Flexible participation Only invite colleagues who are essential to reaching the goals of the meeting.  That prevents having participants who just sit back complacently and makes the meeting process […]