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The Good Clinical Governance Checklist for Modern Healthcare Providers

Date: 3 July 2023

The NHS guidance on good governance and collaboration, released in October 2022 following the implementation of the Health and Care Act 2022, signalled a major step in the road towards integrating the health and care systems in England.  They placed a range of requirements on the stakeholders involved with healthcare, public health and social care in each area of the country in order to help them promote equality and address health challenges by working together. As such, these parties should utilise a clinical governance checklist to ensure they are contributing to integrated care systems (ICPs) in the most effective way.  […]

How to Develop an Annual Operating Plan + Template

Date: 27 June 2023

You may have heard the famous quote, “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe,” supposedly by Abraham Lincoln.  It highlights the importance of planning and preparation in order to do the job effectively. And that is the case with an annual operating plan in business. It is a document that, when prepared correctly, will create the framework your business needs to achieve its goals.  This article helps you create the document, providing an annual operating plan template on which to base yours.  What is an Annual Operating Plan […]

The NHS Governance Guidelines Explained

Date: 14 June 2023

The Health and Care Act 2022 has been hailed for allowing NHS and care services across the country to collaborate and integrate care for those patients who use multiple different services.  Under the new structure, NHS, social care and public health services can join together to provide targeted solutions in local areas, but this brings with it the need to create a governance framework to ensure they manage risk and make effective decisions to enable the best possible outcomes. This article explores these new NHS governance guidelines.  Goals and objectives of the NHS governance guidelines These guidelines dictate how local […]

How To Hold More Productive Meetings – Webinar With David Allen

Date: 24 May 2023

Described as “the personal productivity guru”, David Allen has 40 years of experience helping companies maintain laser focus, especially when it comes to holding better meetings. And he will share the secrets of his successful methodology at the next iBabs Expert Session on June 29th 2023.  You can reserve your place right now and discover the insights behind David’s groundbreaking strategies to help reduce stress, enhance productivity and get things done before, during and after your meetings.  This article explains what you will gain from this exclusive opportunity to spend time in the company of an international expert in his […]

Improve Your Meetings For Free With iBabs’ New Meeting Excellence Assessment

Date: 16 May 2023

iBabs is delighted to announce a brand-new Meeting Excellence Assessment framework that you can use right now for free and with no strings attached. You can find out in just seven minutes how your meetings are currently performing, where your strengths lie and how you can make the necessary changes to make them more effective.  Inefficient meetings waste everybody’s time and effort, but by assessing the key elements of your meeting process, this framework can help you carve the best routes forward for your organisation.  How the Meeting Excellence Assessment works Simply click through to take the Meeting Excellence Assessment. […]

You Asked, We Listened: iBabs’ Latest Version Launches With a Host of Exciting Features

Date: 21 April 2023

The iBabs team has been hard at work lately, designing the latest version of the platform. We're ready to unveil this important upgrade to our board portal software and are delighted to share it with you.  And the best thing? We developed these updates using the invaluable feedback you have shared with us. The result is a revamped iBabs that is tailored to help you improve efficiency and facilitate informed decision-making.  The first thing you will notice is a brand-new dashboard to help you better visualise your meeting management in a way that works best for you. We have also […]

9 Citizen Engagement Examples To Inspire Your Strategy

Date: 22 March 2023

Developing effective two-way communication with constituents is essential to the work of local government. The UK’s Local Government Association concluded that “local councillors are in the front line of neighbourhood and community engagement. Working with a wide range of individuals and organisations in the area, officers can help them to decide how best to respond.”  This article collects together some important citizen engagement examples to help you facilitate this aim. Keep reading to find out what the different types of citizen engagement are and the ways in which you can strengthen your relationship with the community and improve the quality […]

What Makes Citizen Engagement Essential For Local Governments?

Date: 7 March 2023

When the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) explored the drivers of trust in public institutions around the world, it found, for example, that only 52% of Finnish citizens trusted their local government. For context, 61% of Finns said they trusted the national government. The authors of the report concluded that this discrepancy was primarily influenced by the levels of citizen engagement in local government.  The local government is responsible for many of the decisions that have the most noticeable effect on constituents. From refuse collection and planning to road maintenance and libraries, these are the aspects of life […]

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