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How board secretaries can create an effective agenda for board meetings

Date: 5 October 2018

An agenda is the backbone of any board meeting. It sets the tone, helps prevent board members from getting distracted or off-track and contributes to an effective board meeting. At least, that’s if you have a great board meeting agenda.  But a lot of board meetings take place with a not so great agenda. The result? Long meetings, that often go off-track and are nothing close to productive. As a board secretary, you have the responsibility to create an agenda for your board’s meetings that facilitates efficiency. This guide is here to help you. 1: Make the objective clear Every […]

How NHS boards can make their operations more effective

Date: 2 May 2018

Ask yourself: “How do you make sure your organisation is running effectively? To deliver the best healthcare, every part of the organisation needs to run smoothly. And that starts with a healthy board. Your board sets the direction, it makes the important decisions and it keeps the interest of everyone aligned. So when your board is running effectively, it sets the tone and the effectiveness will trickle down to the rest of the organisation. An effective board Being effective means focusing on doing the right things, instead of doing things right. And especially because most boards don’t have that much time […]

The dangers of email every NHS board member should know about

Date: 19 April 2018

A lot of internal communication across board members within NHS organisations happens through email. A medium that has been around for decades. Everyone knows how it works and safety is guaranteed, right? But is email as secure as we think it is? In this article you will learn what the possible dangers of email are and how to protect your board from these threats. NHS reliance on email communications According to Daniel Reynolds, director of communications at NHS Providers, the NHS is too reliant on email for communications. This is worrying, especially because recent cases like the WannaCry attack and other ransomware attacks […]

City council meetings: Let's vote – pencil or tablet?

Date: 2 March 2017

Today, mobile technology is a truly integral part of our world. The number of devices may not be growing as explosively as it used to, but nevertheless, a recent study in The Netherlands puts tablet ownership at 67% of the population, with smartphone ownership even higher, at no less than 83%. Obviously, so many people owning, carrying and using mobile devices is driving change and introducing new, interesting options at many levels of our society, including decision-making processes in local government. See how voting is integrated within iBabs' Meeting Management Solution Three advantages of digital meetings Some of us still […]

Valentine's Day: we love to hate... meetings

Date: 14 February 2017

14 February, the day of love. Can you not wait to see what your (secret) love has in store for you? Or do you hate the commercial cloud hanging above the day and therefore consciously shun all romantic thoughts? Valentine's Day: you love it or you hate it. Generally speaking, the same cannot be said for meetings. At least, I cannot recall anyone who actually loves meetings. Do you? And sometimes we simply enjoy the chance to have a moan. We love to hate! Don't we? But... How can we find a way to start loving meetings again? Everlasting meetings […]

Meetings are an expensive hobby. Here are three tips to save money.

Date: 9 February 2017

Sailing, motorcycling, travelling and horseback riding are among some of the most expensive hobbies around, but meetings are another one. Having said that, they are not exactly everyone’s favourite pastime; yet we still do a lot of it – roughly 300 hours a year (per employee!). In fact, over a year, the Dutch spend 60 billion euros on meetings. But they can be handled smarter and less expensively. If you want to keep more time and money back for more pleasant activities – or your real hobby – try some of the following tips. Tip 1: save on printing and […]

Digital meetings in six steps

Date: 2 February 2017

Are you often just too busy? Is it hard to keep up that balancing act? Well, you’re not the only one! At least not according to TNO’s health & safety survey Arbobalans 2016 published in December 2016. According to the survey, a lot of working people are overburdened by a combination of pressure of work and not enough autonomy. In healthcare and education, 25% of personnel are regularly balancing on the brink of burnout. Now that the economy is improving, it’s pretty obvious that pressure of work is increasing further in many organisations. So it’s time to work as effectively […]

4 trends in municipal meetings

Date: 25 January 2017

2017 is an important year for Dutch municipalities. After all, it was agreed in the coalition agreement that companies and citizens should be able to handle all of their official matters digitally by this year at the latest. This means digitizing  lot of work processes. But digitization is also penetrating the meeting room, which is no less than logical. Why should we continue to hold meetings in the old-fashioned way when the municipal organisation is changing as a whole? The following trends show that although municipal meetings will continue to exist, they will inevitably change in terms of form. Trend […]

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