Webinar - A showcase of the iBabs board portal

We’re inviting you to a special webinar to show you exactly how the iBabs board portal works. Presenter Richard Sealey will walk through the special features, as well as talk about a very practical approach to implement a digital board portal.

You'll learn more about:

  • A real life example of how to best introduce a new paperless board meeting solution to your board
  • How to get even the most anti-digital users love and embrace a paperless solution
  • A rundown of iBabs, our board portal solution
  • The functionalities that made my former board say “why didn’t we have this before?” when they finally got to use iBabs
  • And much more...

P.S.: If you’re not entirely happy with your current solution, or you’re just starting the journey of going paperless, then I’d wholeheartedly recommend attending this webinar.

This webinar will be presented by: Richard Sealey, UK Ireland & Nordics Sales Manager at iBabs Board Portal Solutions

This is an online event. No software installation is required to participate.

The session will be recorded, sign up if you want to receive a recording of the webinar.

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iBabs is a leader in paperless meetings and enables you to reduce these piles of documents to the thickness of your tablet. Thousands of organizations have been using this system for more than 15 years.

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