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Webinar – A showcase of the iBabs board portal

Date: 19 June 2019

We’re inviting you to a special webinar to show you exactly how the iBabs board portal works. Presenter Richard Sealey will walk through the special features, as well as talk about a very practical approach to implement a digital board portal. You’ll learn more about: A real life example of how to best introduce a new paperless board meeting solution to your board How to get even the most anti-digital users love and embrace a paperless solution A rundown of iBabs, our board portal solution The functionalities that made my former board say “why didn’t we have this before?” when they finally got to use iBabs And much more… P.S.: If you’re not entirely happy with your current solution, or you’re just starting the journey of going paperless, then I’d wholeheartedly recommend attending this webinar. This webinar will be presented by: Richard Sealey, UK Ireland & Nordics Sales Manager at iBabs […]

Are your meeting documents safely locked away?

Date: 2 March 2016

It is clear from the top 25 worst passwords from 2015 that many people struggle to choose a strong password, or they consider it unimportant. 123456 was the most popular Dutch password once again. Unbelievable, right? Even comedian Don Friesen uses the topic for a sketch. Strong passwords We use elaborate alarm systems to safeguard our homes, and have extra anti-theft protection on our cars, but online security is often neglected. Strong passwords are vital since hackers are getting increasingly ingenious. This is particularly crucial when you hold paperless meetings. When all of the confidential meeting materials are in the cloud, you need to have it well protected. Even if they are in secure datacenters, safety begins with the user. So here are our 5 tips for strong passwords: #1 Variety and no [email protected] at the beginning Using only numbers or letters in a password? This should be gone with […]

iBabs is everybody’s best friend

Date: 17 October 2015

We all want something different. It is corny but none the less true. It also applies to the way we conduct meetings. Just take a good look around during one of your meetings. Linda has her documents printed in front of her whereas her colleague John prefers a computer. Ask ten different people what they prefer and you will receive ten different answers. The question is; what makes an effective meeting? A system for everyone Everyone has their own working method. And yet it is important we all use the same system. To keep track, to organize the workflow, to read each other notes, to create and archive documents. But is there a system out there that can do all these things? A system that will work for everybody within the organization? Make an inventory Yes, such a system exists. Also for your company. But before you explore this further, […]