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How NHS boards can make their operations more effective

Date: 2 May 2018

Ask yourself: “How do you make sure your organisation is running effectively? To deliver the best healthcare, every part of the organisation needs to run smoothly. And that starts with a healthy board. Your board sets the direction, it makes the important decisions and it keeps the interest of everyone aligned. So when your board is running effectively, it sets the tone and the effectiveness will trickle down to the rest of the organisation. An effective board Being effective means focusing on doing the right things, instead of doing things right. And especially because most boards don’t have that much time together, being effective is infinitely more important than anything else. So in that limited amount of time, the question becomes about how we can… … increase the quality of the decisions you make during board meetings. … avoid distractions from things that seem more urgent but are less important. … […]

Knowing what type of meeting you’re in

Date: 1 September 2016

During a meeting, have you ever thought: “If only I’d known that a decision was to be taken on subject X today, I’d have prepped differently!” If enough of your colleagues are having the same thought, the meeting will soon become inefficient. What a pity, because it will last longer than is necessary or the decision in question will not be taken at all. And so another meeting needs to be planned on the same topic. What a waste of time! Luckily, such situations can be easily prevented. How? By clearly communicating the purpose of the meeting beforehand. Is there no target on the agenda? Ask what it is! 3 types of meetings Generally, there are three types of meetings you can end up in, each requiring their own preparation style: the opinion-forming meeting, the informative meeting and the decision-making meeting. Opinion-forming meeting An opinion-forming meeting focuses on brainstorming and […]

Break through meeting traditions and save more time: 3 tips

Date: 25 August 2016

The Netherlands has many nice traditions. We like good company, celebrating St Nicholas, food automats, raw herring and now we have all gotten used to celebrating King’s Day instead of Queens’ Day. These are some of the good traditions. But we also have customs that are not so good. For example, take those endless meetings. Thanks to our democratic genes, we often discuss and compromise far longer than necessary. 60 billion euros a year spent on meetings The average Dutch employee spends 6 ½ hours a week in meetings and the higher up you are in the organization, the more hours you spend in them. All that meeting time costs the Dutch a total of about 60 billion euros a year. And this 60 billion does not include things like the hire of the meeting room, catering and other external costs (such as travel expenses). So these are all good […]

Lean management: in the public sector too?

Date: 18 August 2016

In recent years, many commercial organizations have undergone major improvements by working Lean. Lean working is a method in which all wastage in a process is eliminated in order to achieve maximum value. Removing wastage from the process lowers costs, which leads to improvement in corporate result. Smart, lean management Since its inception, this lean way of managing has not only become important for commercial organizations. Owing to budgetary pressure and an increasing demand for transparency by the public, the public sector is having to make even further cuts. So it’s high time to lower costs and improve quality. But how? By managing government leanly – among other things, by reorganizing processes and rearranging tasks. In this blog, we can’t discuss all the aspects that help municipalities to manage leanly, but the following three focus areas will certainly help. Focus area 1: Eliminate duplicated work and over-processing Because communication covers […]

5 tips for meetings with an Olympic touch

Date: 11 August 2016

A summer when the Olympic Games take place always has a bit of extra atmosphere. Who in Holland can forget the 2000 summer Olympics in Sydney when the Netherlands won no less than 12 gold medals, thanks largely to the feats of Pieter van den Hoogenband, Inge de Bruijn and Leontien Van Moorsel? It takes quite a lot to win such a medal. A top athlete’s entire life focuses on training programs and optimum fitness. But good focus is also important in meetings. Did you know that a person’s maximum attention span is only 45 minutes? So for the best meeting results, get inspired by our top Olympic athletes. The following meeting tips will help you make fast meetings a top priority. Olympic tip 1: Take your stopwatch Maybe you’ll get a few weird looks from your colleagues if you take a stopwatch to the meeting room but don’t let […]

Optimum meetings at the end of the working day: 4 tips

Date: 4 August 2016

For many professionals for whom meetings are commonplace, the working day doesn’t end at 17.00 hours. Whether you work at a comprehensive school, hospital, government institution or commercial company: it’s not always possible to get all colleagues together in the daytime. Other things often just need to be done from 9 to 5. Evening meetings? They’re everywhere! After a hard day’s work however, the clogged conference lurks just around the corner. Not in your veins this time, but in your organization. Especially when faced with regularly recurring and time-consuming meetings. Are you ready to clear the clogging in the conference room? It’s time to dump the detergents and start using the following tips: Tip 1: ditch deep-rooted conventions Does your organization regularly have lots of evening meetings? Try switching off the auto pilot and checking whether each and every meeting really is necessary. Are there insufficient points on the agenda? […]

4 shortcuts to stop the gridlocked meeting habit

Date: 31 May 2016

Do you also wonder sometimes how you can spend less of your time in meetings? You aren’t the only one! Many organizations are examining smarter ways to work and meet. Some organizations have even decided to eliminate meetings all together. Instead, they align one-on-one. The Dutch clothing concern Zalando is an example of this. Abolishing meetings isn’t suitable for all organizations, but reducing them is a definite possibility. With the following tips you can find shortcuts to avoid the gridlocked meeting “habit.” Tip 1: be critical Weekly meetings: most organizations have them, but are they always necessary? If you examine the agenda for every recurring meeting, you can determine whether there are really enough topics to discuss. If there are too few subjects, ask first whether the meeting should even be held? Are there a few agenda points but some topics are absolutely essential to discuss? Then invite only those […]

4 tips to sprint through meetings

Date: 24 May 2016

Many records will surely be broken during the Olympic games in Rio this summer. Everything revolves around speed and muscle power. Many organizations can learn from that. Take, for instance, the tempo of meetings. Surely there is room for improvement, right? Particularly if you note that the average employee sits an astonishing 6.5 hours a week at the conference table!! If you can boost the efficiency of meetings. Result: enormous time-savings. With the following tips your meetings will run in record time! How to limit your meeting time Tip 1: Active meeting team No Olympic performance is purely individual: it is a collaboration of athlete, trainer, physiotherapist and mental coach. Meetings are also group performances. If there are too many “dead wood” participants, it has a negative effect on the meeting result. Therefore, only include participants who provide added value to the meeting. Those you only need to keep informed, […]