What Is A Board Administrator?

Board Administrator / Board Administrators

A board administrator is responsible for overseeing the board of directors. These individuals hold managerial positions and work closely with the board and its committees. They are responsible for coordinating activities among board members.

Their role is pivotal in ensuring that the board executes its functions smoothly and that the company runs effectively at the boardroom level.

Role and responsibilities

Important roles and responsibilities of board administrators include:

  • Management of board members: Board administrators handle all aspects of the meeting lifecycle, including planning meetings, coordinating tasks and handling important queries.
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations: They stay on top of the latest reports and policies to ensure compliance with the prevailing laws.
  • Coordinating with different departments: They collect and organise information from departments and committees and ensure effective communication.
  • Facilitating meetings: They prepare meeting agendas and manage the personal and professional calendars of executives to arrange meetings, set deadlines and stay on top of deliverables.

Qualifications and skills

The skills and qualifications required for a board administrator can be summarised as follows:

1.     Education and experience

You will usually require a bachelor’s degree to fill the role of a board administrator. The individual should have relevant experience of managing and administration.

2.     Leadership and communication skills

Board administrators should have excellent interpersonal communication skills to build consensus among departments and committees. They should lead with critical thinking, openness and the ability to work independently.

3.     Organisational and time management abilities

Organisational responsibilities are the primary aspect of this role. A board administrator has to prioritise important tasks and achieve results on tight schedules.

4.     Strategic and problem-solving skills

They should effectively identify problems, analyse possible outcomes, choose the best route and execute it effectively.

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