What Is a Notice of Meeting?

Notice of Meeting / Notice of Meetings

A notice of meeting is a written document that informs company members and shareholders that a meeting will take place. It is an invitation that details the time and place of the scheduled meeting and also informs stakeholders of the topics to be discussed.

Why is a notice required for meetings?

A board meeting notice is necessary to inform the members that they should be available at a certain time and date to discuss important company matters. It should be sent out to the participants in good time to allow them to prepare and to make the necessary arrangements to attend. Some meetings have a statutory notice period. For example, in the UK, there must be at least 14 days notice before an AGM.  

A meeting agenda is included in the notice so that participants can deliberate on the topics of concern before the meeting.

Contents of a notice of meeting

A meeting notice should include the following key details:

  • Name and contact information of the meeting chair
  • Name and role of the sender of the meeting notice
  • Names and roles of all the invitees
  • Type of meeting — regular, annual, or special
  • Date, time and location of the meeting (the notice should also be dated)
  • Purpose of the meeting, such as budget approval or discussing current operations
  • Meeting agenda — objectives and action items to be voted on
  • Instructions for attending the meeting — in-person or via conference call
  • Relevant details, such as dress code or accommodations for members with disabilities

Types of meetings that require a notice

Three types of company meetings require a notice:

  • Regular Meetings

These meetings are stated as mandatory in the company bylaws. They are held throughout the year at periodic intervals.

  • Special Meetings

A special meeting is held when a specific issue or change arises.

  • Annual Meetings

An annual meeting is also mandatory and generally refers to shareholder meetings.

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