What Is A Board Meeting Agenda?

Board Meeting Agenda / Board Meeting Agendas

A board meeting agenda is a document that outlines every aspect of a meeting. It includes an outline of all the events, policies and action items that will be highlighted during a board meeting. It also includes the place and time of the board meeting.

All the items in a board meeting agenda are listed in chronological order to give structure to the board meeting. The board secretary is responsible for creating and distributing the agenda.

Components of a board meeting agenda

A board meeting agenda typically includes the following components:

  •  Date, time and location of the meeting: This section specifies where and when the meeting is supposed to take place and includes a title for the meeting. 
  • Participants and their roles: The names of the people invited to the meeting, along with their assigned roles, are included in this section.
  • Objectives of the meeting: This component comprises the general purpose of the meeting, what needs to be achieved and any background information necessary to help the participants prepare for it.
  • Agenda items and their descriptions: Agenda items are topics that should be brought up during the meeting. These include feedback on old meeting minutes, action items, decisions about company policies and updates on current issues. Detailed agendas usually include brief descriptions of each item.
  • Time allocations for each agenda item: Each agenda item has a time slot detailing how long it should be discussed. This way, all topics are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Any additional materials or resources needed: Typically, additional materials and relevant resources are included to provide more information on the agenda topics and help participants prepare for the meeting.

Use of a board meeting agenda

A board meeting agenda is vital to organising meetings and making sure no time is wasted on trivial matters. Here are the key benefits of a meeting agenda:

Gives everyone a chance to contribute

A board meeting agenda is prepared and distributed to the participants before the meeting. It includes all the topics that will be discussed to help participants prepare. Roles are assigned so every board member is engaged in the meeting and can take part in the discussion. 

Keeps the meeting on track

Agendas include time limits for each item to make sure the meeting does not demand extra time. This limits off-topic talks and gets the most value from the board members’ time.

Ensures all necessary topics are discussed

Agenda items detail every topic of a meeting and inform the participants about how each should be dealt with. By following this itemised list, it is easy to ensure that everything that needs attention at the board meeting is brought up.

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