What Is A Board Portal?

Board Portal / Board Portals

A board portal is a centralised, cloud-based management software for board members and management officials. It is a secure platform where directors and company officials can organise meetings, access resources and communicate with each other. It incorporates useful tools that come in handy for board members before, during and after meetings.

Features of a board portal

Board portals support all board-related functions. Here are the key features of this management software:

  • Secure document sharing: Board portals offer security for all resources and documents. Board members and company officials can share, sync and access company files without fear of vulnerability. 
  • Real-time collaboration: Instant updates allow board members to work and communicate with each other in real-time, even if they are not in the same place. This boosts productivity and delivers higher-quality work because of faster feedback and reporting.
  • Meetings and agenda management: Board portals allow the automatic scheduling of meetings by synchronising to every member’s calendars. They also have robust features to help them with daily tasks. Members can create agendas with a simple click, invite others to edit them and add meeting minutes.
  • Document approval: With features like e-signature and voting, board portals allow company officials to sign and approve official documents, agendas and meeting minutes on the go.
  • Minutes management: Most board portals are equipped with a feature to auto-generate meeting minutes. Members can also add tasks and assign them from these minutes.
  • Decisions and actions management: Board portals streamline the management of actions and decisions. Administrators can add action items to the meeting agenda, set deadlines and follow up on the progress by checking the status of each. Through the online voting feature, every team member’s input is considered before coming to a decision.
  • Mobile accessibility: Board portals allow members to perform their duties from any device, no matter where they are. This makes it easy to participate and get important tasks done when face-to-face meetings are not possible.

Benefits of using a board portal

There are many benefits to using board portals instead of the traditional ways of board management, such as: 

Better communication and collaboration

Because of the ‘anytime and anywhere’ feature of board portals, team members have the flexibility to access important information and carry out their tasks from any web-enabled device. This level of availability enables smooth communication and better engagement.

Enhanced security

In today’s climate, it is easy to fall prey to cyber-attacks. By using a secure board portal with data encryption, organisation officials can be certain that security standards are observed.

Improved governance

Directors can make good use of their time when all their activities can be managed in an all-in-one platform. This leads to higher productivity levels and improved governance.

Time and cost savings

Running meetings online helps organisations save on time and cost of resources. Meetings can be scheduled, documents can be approved and decisions can be made in mere minutes instead of hours.

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