Who Is the Chairperson of a Committee?

Chairperson of a Committee / Chairpersons of a Committee

The chairperson of a committee is an individual elected to lead a particular committee within an organisation. A chairperson has authority and responsibility over their committee and its members. They are expected to ensure its smooth functioning and that the members perform their designated duties.

How is the chairperson of a committee selected or appointed?

A committee chairperson is typically a member of the board of directors. The governance and nomination committee recommends qualified candidates for the position of committee chair before the board holds informal discussions and formal consultation sessions to elect one of them.

The role of a committee chairperson

The role of the committee chairperson is defined by:

  • Their position within the committee

The chair is considered the leader of the committee, responsible for maintaining its order and proper functioning.

  • Their relationship with other committee members

A chair controls the selection of the committee members and decides their roles. They also hold committee members responsible for meeting attendance and other responsibilities.


The committee chair is generally entrusted with the following responsibilities:

  • Setting agendas

The chairperson of a committee organises the meeting agenda and distributes it to the members before the meeting.

  • Scheduling meetings

The committee chair sets the date and time of committee meetings, decides whether they should be conducted remotely or in person and chooses a location if needed. The chair is also required to schedule cross-committee meetings by collaborating with other committee chairs.

  • Organising committee documents

The chair manages all documentation related to the committee, including presentations, reports and relevant resources to help the committee achieve its objectives.

  • Ensuring members are fulfilling their duties

The chair oversees the committee members to ensure they are fulfilling their responsibilities and can dismiss them if necessary.

Relationship between the committee chairperson and the board

The committee chairperson acts as a liaison between the committee and the board. They should report to the board on all committee activities and progress. 

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