What Is a Hybrid Meeting?

Hybrid Meeting / Hybrid Meetings

A hybrid meeting is a type of meeting where participants join from different settings. Some are physically present, while others connect remotely through digital platforms. This format allows for greater flexibility and accessibility, enabling people from different locations to participate and contribute. 

Tools and technology

Hybrid meetings use various technologies to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration between in-person and virtual participants.

Video conferencing platforms

These include software solutions that allow participants to see each other during the meeting, no matter how they attend. Your chosen platform should support high-quality video and audio transmission and reliable connectivity as well as robust security protocols. 

Dedicated platforms might offer additional features like screen and file sharing, recording and real-time collaboration tools to improve the meeting experience.

Collaboration software

A dedicated board portal can support real-time interaction and collaboration among participants. These platforms offer essential features to keep meetings running smoothly. 

They include chat capabilities, file sharing and collaborative editing, project management tools and integration with office tools, such as Microsoft 365.


This includes high-definition cameras, quality speakers or headphones and microphones. 

It is important to have high-definition cameras to capture participants clearly. Quality speakers or headphones ensure remote participants can be heard clearly. Choose microphones that pick up voices from all areas of the room, delivering an immersive hybrid meeting experience

Other necessary equipment such as interactive whiteboards, projectors and dual monitors can further improve meeting productivity.

Considerations for hybrid meetings

How to involve all parties

Implement methods to ensure equal participation of in-person and remote participants. There should be a method of gaining the chair’s attention that works for all attendees, for example. Ask members to use the “raise hand” feature in conferencing platforms when they have comments or questions.

Appoint a mediator to ensure all members are included in the conversation. Most importantly, make sure everyone receives their copy of the meeting documents in advance so they come prepared and ready to contribute.

Making sure the technology is working

Test the software and conferencing equipment before the meeting to ensure they are running smoothly. Check the internet connection stability. Have IT support on standby to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Which voting methods to use

Use digital voting solutions that allow all participants to vote in the same manner, making the process more straightforward. Ensure the voting process is secure, and results are easily accessible to all participants..


  • Increased participation: People from different locations can join, increasing decision-making input.
  • Cost efficiency: Reduces travel, accommodation and other resources needed for in-person participants.
  • Time savings: Eliminates the need for physical travel and makes meeting scheduling more straightforward.
  • Flexibility: Meetings can fit more easily into the schedules of participants as their location does not dictate their ability to attend.


  • Connectivity issues: Poor internet connection or virtual meeting infrastructure can disrupt the flow for participants.
  • Tech problems: Technical difficulties with hardware or software may hinder communication and participation.
  • Coordinating both types of participant: Ensuring that remote participants feel as included as those physically present can be challenging.

Security: Transferring sensitive information online carries risks. It’s vital to use encrypted communication channels and storage solutions.

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