Are your meeting documents safely locked away?

It is clear from the top 25 worst passwords from 2015 that many people struggle to choose a strong password, or they consider it unimportant. 123456 was the most popular Dutch password once again. Unbelievable, right? Even comedian Don Friesen uses the topic for a sketch.

Strong passwords

We use elaborate alarm systems to safeguard our homes, and have extra anti-theft protection on our cars, but online security is often neglected. Strong passwords are vital since hackers are getting increasingly ingenious. This is particularly crucial when you hold paperless meetings. When all of the confidential meeting materials are in the cloud, you need to have it well protected. Even if they are in secure datacenters, safety begins with the user. So here are our 5 tips for strong passwords:

#1 Variety and no c@pitAL3letters at the beginning

Using only numbers or letters in a password? This should be gone with the dinosaurs! Make sure that you use at least 8 characters and a variety of letters, numbers and symbols. Even that isn’t enough. Hackers know all of the standard tricks, like P@Ssw0rd. Choose therefore, passwords that are long but not easily guessed. Hackers already know also that most people begin a password with a capital letter. So don’t do it!!

#2 Not too close to home

Whether you blog or are active on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, a great deal of private information is easily available to a hacker. Choose therefore a password that is difficult to guess. Using the name of your children, pet, favorite film star, hobby or vacation destination? BAD idea!!

#3 Passphrases

The problem is that the more complicated the password is, the easier it is to forget. Sentences are easier to remember. Therefore, integrate a sentence into your password. Add symbols and punctuation to this “passphrase.” An example of the phrase ‘I’m happy to be here’ is iM$h@ppy2Bhere. P.S. Naturally it is NOT a good idea to use this particular phrase as your own password!!

#4 Inspiration “0”?

Clueless when it comes to inventing a strong password? Use a good password generator! Are you still concerned about the safety? Test the password here. Some creative spirits take it a step further and use dices to generate a password.

#5 Biometrics

Interested in taking it even further? Consider the TrueKey app from Intel. With this relatively new app you can safeguard your devices with a fingerprint or facial recognition. An acquaintance of mine uses this app, but combines it with a password for extra security. Who knows, maybe passwords will soon become soooo 2016!


Using the same password for multiple purposes? Not a good idea. Use a variety and invent new passwords regularly. Do you find it difficult to remember passwords and phrases? Writing them down on paper or in your smartphone is not a good idea. Instead you can use an online tool, for instance, Enpass or LastPass.

If you cleverly utilize passwords and you protect your devices against theft or loss, your meeting documents are safe in the cloud: a major advantage of digital meetings! Do you want to know more? Download this e-book.

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