Meeting 3.0: Goodbye briefcase, hello tablet!

It’s not just employees in commercial companies who are increasingly working with a laptop, tablet and apps – (local) government too is using digital tools more often. And also during meetings. Because it’s exactly there that major savings can still be made. Perhaps your first thoughts go to saving money on paper and ink, but you can also save a lot on the meetings themselves. How can you do that? The answer is simpler than you might think: with a digital meeting tool.

It might have seemed inconceivable ten years ago, but now that more and more private business is done digitally, you and your colleagues will quickly get used to digital meetings too. Actually, digital meetings are no more than a very logical consequence of the increasing digitisation of our society!

Saving time spent on meetings

The average employee spends 25% of his or her time in meetings. That’s an average of around 36 hours a month. If you calculate how many working hours all of you spend in meetings on a yearly basis, it will quickly become clear that cutting five minutes off every meeting can save you a lot of time and money. can a meeting tool help you to reduce time spent in meetings? The answer is that a digital meeting tool ensures that meetings are more efficient and transparent, because it’s easier to find and consult documents digitally. Not just in the meeting itself but also when preparing for it.

Can’t do without paper?

In a digital meeting, all meeting documents are accessed and processed using a tool for paperless meetings. This makes the meeting process a bit easier to follow for all those taking part, and also saves secretaries and the general affairs department a lot of time. After all, printing out documents and distributing them by (internal) post is no longer necessary. Find that weird? Can’t do without paper? Well, just consider how often a year paper documents lie too long on someone’s desk or nobody knows exactly where they are! That means a lot of stress and a good deal of searching. This waste of time is a thing of the past if you hold digital meetings. So say goodbye to a briefcase full of paper!

The benefits of digital meetings

Still a bit scared of switching to digital meetings? Well, you needn’t be. There are a lot of municipalities that already have years of experience with it. Take the Municipality of Utrecht for example. This municipality has been holding digital meetings since 2013 and wouldn’t do it any other way now. In our view, the biggest benefits are:

• Scheduling meetings is much for efficient
• Paper use is drastically reduced
• Agendas and documents can be accessed 24/7 from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, which means that meetings can be prepared for at any time
• Confidential data is stored securely

Perhaps your municipality is also interested in replacing briefcases with tablets. If so, you can download the case study of the Municipality of Utrecht here.

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8 December 2016
iBabs Meeting Assessment
iBabs is a leader in paperless meetings and enables you to reduce these piles of documents to the thickness of your tablet. Thousands of organizations have been using this system for more than 15 years.

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