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Professional use of tablets is becoming increasingly popular. According to a study by Strategy Analytics projects the commercial use of tablets will continue to have a compound annual growth rate of 6% through 2020. By then it is projected that approximately 110,2 million tablets will have been sold for business use worldwide. According to this study, a tablet is becoming increasingly important as a workplace tool and that therefore more IT departments have developed correct policies to assure the secure use of tablets in the workplace.

CPB: paperless working becomes standard

By now the employees of the Centraal Planbureau (CPB) are also accustomed to working with a tablet. They are handy for quickly looking things up or to take notes. In addition, they have also held meetings with them for quite some time and read the motions on the iPad. When the MT found it necessary to meet paperless some years ago, the IT unit built a tool to enable these tablet-based meetings. Times change, however, and it was necessary to professionalize. The management of the CPB wanted to make paperless meetings standard for the whole organization and therefore all of the employees were equipped with an iPad.

Government-guideline compliant data-storage

According to Erwin Zijleman, head of the Information Technology and Research Support unit of the CPB, that is why, by November 2015, they required a complete tool for paperless meeting. “125 permanent staff members holding meetings with our homemade tool? That wasn’t an option.” He had already heard of iBabs from various departments. Zijleman found that reassuring. It was also essential that the CPB meeting tool complied with the standards for the data storage of Dutch governmental agencies. “iBabs stores the data in Europe, and that was a very important selection criterion for us. Not all suppliers of digital meetings tools fulfil this requirement.”

Facilitates meeting procedures

Via a pilot phase, the MT was first to initiate iBabs. They were quickly relieved to find that the meeting tool was user friendly. After that paperless meetings with iBabs were instituted for all staff. Zijleman: “we now save a lot of time, particularly before and during discussions. Less printing is necessary and the coordination of the meetings is much more efficient. During the discussion, people can quickly make notes in their Pdfs and share them, which facilitates our meeting procedures.”

Everything neatly on the iPad

According to Erwin Zijleman “Paper isn’t yet banned from the meeting room, we are going to look into that further. iBabs held a refresher course for those who needed it and will repeat it. Particularly my colleagues who meet frequently, such as the MT members, are relieved that they no longer need to go to meetings with briefcases full of paper. Everything is neatly on the iPad. At the end of September 2016 the CPB is moving to a new building with less room for archives and less printers. I expect that everyone will be accustomed to paperless meeting by then.”

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7 July 2016
iBabs Meeting Assessment
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