Paperless meetings? Here’s how to convince your manager!

As your manager’s right and left hand, you continually keep several balls in the air. Your work day is packed full. You relieve him or her of work, plan ahead and accomplish a great deal. In short: you continually unburden your manager or team. Every moment of time savings is welcome then, right? Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if you could optimize all of the tasks concerned with meetings? With paperless meetings as a tool you can make this dream a reality.

Time savings

You haven’t heard of digital meetings before? Then perhaps you lack a clear picture of them. Image this: instead of the annoyance of paper meeting notes, all materials are available online (and offline) on your laptop or tablet. You no longer have to copy them for all of the participants! This saves you enormous amounts of time.

Convince your manager

Warmed up to the idea of paperless meetings? Then it is time to persuade your manager. No problem with the following arguments!!

1. Savings

The argument to get every manager standing at attention: cost savings. You use much less paper and toner and printer costs also drop. You also save because paperless meetings increase effectivity: shorter meetings mean less man hours, electricity, catering and location costs. Curious how much an average meeting costs you? Calculate it with the Meeting Cost Clock or this app.

2. In control

It is your job to ensure that your manager has everything under control. Paperless meetings also help you with that. Since all of the meeting documents are also online, everyone can come to the meeting well prepared. Questions concerning the “right version” are then history. Is someone ill-prepared for the meeting? Aw, too bad, the meeting notes are no longer a convenient excuse! And digging through piles of papers during the meeting isn’t necessary anymore either. With a search function in the meeting tool you quickly find the correct information. If that doesn’t create a feeling of control…!

3. Quick action!

Naturally you want results from your meetings. Making decisions and assigning tasks, that is the point. Those decisions and actions must be quickly made and delivered. With a good meeting tool, you clearly define all of the actions for the participants during the meeting. And the lists of decisions are also simply defined during the meeting. This is useful for you, but also for those who are assigned the tasks. They can get right to work, thereby providing progress and results much earlier!

4. 24/7 flexibility

All managers want freedom in terms of time and location when preparing for a meeting. Not a problem with paperless meetings! Because the meeting documents are online (and offline), everyone can prepare for the meeting when and wherever they want, even while relaxing on the couch in the evening.

5. Green

Dutch companies can make many more strides in the area of eco-friendly business according to the MVO Monitor 2015. Does your organization want to make a greater contribution to a better environment? Then paperless meetings are perfect for you! Since the number of cartridges is reduced, your chemical footprint is as well. Paper usage is also reduced, saving the forests. Curious about how many trees your organization can save? Do our tree-saving test!

Power to persuade

My last tip: if you want to convince your manager, then use words and specialist terms that he or she habitually uses. Base your arguments on a managerial mentality. You will see that your ideas will be better received. Scoring brownie points for yourself in the process!!
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