3 Urban myths about paperless meetings

Have you ever considered switching to meeting digitally but then read or heard something about paperless meetings that made you change your mind? Then this blog was written for you! Over the last few years, we’ve heard a number of urban myths going the rounds about paperless meetings. Could it be that one of these stories was the reason why you still hold meetings in the old-fashioned way, with paper?

Urban myth 1: Digital meetings are not secure

If you were scared off by this urban myth, then we’re not surprised that you’ve never made a start on digital meetings. After all, the confidentiality of meeting documents is one of your top priorities. But you can rest assured that you really don’t have to worry about the security of digital meetings. If you work with an up-to-date meeting tool, all of the meeting documents are accessible only to selected attendees. And because the tools for paperless meetings are either on your server or in the cloud, your documents can never disappear due to a computer crash or theft from your PC or laptop.

And by the way, your paper meeting documents might yet end up on the street. That has often proved to be the hard reality!

Urban myth 2: Paperless meetings are expensive

There are organisations that think that new IT tools are expensive no matter what. But when it comes to digital meetings, the opposite is true – and certainly when you and your colleagues already have a laptop or iPad. Just get a good meeting tool and make sure that the Internet connection works (actually some meeting tools also work offline) and you’re all set to go! So you can forget this urban myth, and especially when you compare the cost of a meeting tool with the savings that paperless meetings deliver.

Save 40% to 80 % on costs

Of course the fact that you need less paper is a no-brainer. But have you considered how much you can save just on leasing printers, maintenance and ink? Add to which, paperless meetings are more effective, which cuts down on the amount of working hours spent in meetings. Practice shows that paperless meetings can save you an average of 40% to 80% on costs. And no, that’s not another urban myth!

Urban myth 3: Implementing digital meeting takes a lot of time and energy

Have you been scared off because you think this third urban myth is true? Here too, we’re not surprised because you really don’t need that extra work, right? But don’t worry because this urban myth is also well past its sell-by date. A meeting tool is very fast to implement and can be learned in a two-hour workshop. And if you’re still hesitant because you expect resistance against paperless meetings, use our tips  from an earlier blog.

Now that these urban myths have been shattered, if you would like more information about digital meetings, why not download our e-book, which describes all the benefits?

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