4 tips for safe digital meetings

Your confidential meeting documents on the street...or lost. Perish the thought! And yet, it still happens regularly. Just last month secret negotiation documents concerning the TTIP free trade agreement were made public. They included confidential information that was intended for a top-secret meeting. That certainly turned out completely different than the intention. And the result was exceptionally painful. How secure are your meeting documents?

Security concerning meetings is never easy. People are people, and thus they lose printed documents, leaving them in the back of a taxi or forget them in the photocopier. If you want to reduce the risk of embarrassing leaks, consider paperless meetings.
Your colleagues only need a tablet to prepare for their meeting. During the meeting, also, there is no paper to be seen. All of the meeting materials are on the server or in the cloud. With this you have tackled the chance that paper meeting documents fall into the wrong hands. Should a device unexpectedly crash? Don’t panic! No meeting materials will be lost.

Security measures

Naturally, you also need to take security measures if you meet paper-free or digitally. After all, data leaks, security incidents and shadow IT are a harsh reality of modern times. With a good security policy, the risk that your sensitive company information becomes public is significantly smaller than when you meet “on paper.” Do you want to save yourself some brainpower concerning the safety of digital meetings? With the following tips  you’ll be on track in a snap.

Tip 1: secure internet connection

The first requirement of a safe digital meeting is a properly secured internet connection. Should the connection unexpectedly fail? Then it is good to know that with an up-to-date meeting tool, the participants can also work offline. The system will automatically synchronize once the connection is reestablished.

Tip 2: secure devices

It is absolutely essential that your colleagues have the personal security of their devices in check. Therefore, train them well and provide examples of strong passwords. Do you need even more certainty? You can also ensure that documents are secured with encryption. You can also establish a security policy.

Tip 3: secured cloud-environment

If you meet in the cloud, materials are only accessible to authorized meeting participants. That cloud environment naturally needs to be secured: that is self-evident. Your colleagues in the IT department can further help you with this.

Tip 4: certified meeting tool

Would your company rather work from your own server instead of the cloud or with a combination of both? No problem! The iBabs meeting tool can also be installed into a business’s own datacenter. We also supply seamless and problem-free integration of trusted business applications and an optimal authentication process, also two-way. And now that we’re talking about security anyway: we are also ISO 27.001 certified.

iBabs Meeting Assessment
iBabs is a leader in paperless meetings and enables you to reduce these piles of documents to the thickness of your tablet. Thousands of organizations have been using this system for more than 15 years.

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