In the cloud or in the safe? Secure your digital meeting documents!

The development of the Internet of Things has been advancing for some time and seems set to continue. Not only at home but in the office too, increasingly more devices, programs and digital tools are communicating with each other. That’s handy but it does call for continuous attention to security, as criminals are also keeping pace with these developments and computers are being increasingly held hostage by means of ransomware. Of course, the idea of this happening with your confidential meeting documents doesn’t bear thinking about!

Stay a step ahead of the cybercriminals

One of the steps that companies are taking to stay ahead of the cybercriminals is the development of a Bring Your Own Device policy (BYOD) for employees that work with their own devices. This is a good plan if you want to avoid confidential documents, such as digital meeting documents, from being hacked via privately owned devices. Apart from that, security for all your documents, including your meeting documents, is naturally a high priority if you deal with personal information and your organization has been obliged to comply with the Dutch Personal Information Protection Act since 1 January. So inform your colleagues about security fully and regularly, develop a security policy and provide regular updates and advice on how to be smarter than the cybercriminals. Because developments move ahead rapidly.

The cloud as a safe

If you meet digitally, there are other security aspects that you should consider in addition to a BYOD policy, such as deciding where you store your meeting documents. If you do that in the cloud, select the right tool. For example, in recent years, companies have been making less use of Dropbox or Google Drive because they have doubts as to whether storing business data on these consumer-orientated cloud storage systems is really secure enough. So it’s no more than sensible that companies subject the security aspects of digital meeting to a strict selection procedure. And rightly so!

Secure digital meeting with iBabs

As specialists in paperless meetings, we’re naturally constantly preoccupied with security. That’s why our server runs in an environment that is ISO 27.001 certified and we provide the best possible authentication process, which is also two-way.

That’s how the cloud becomes a safe, you no longer have to concern yourself about anything, and you still comply with the legal requirements. And it’s not a problem if you’d rather not work in the cloud but prefer to use your own server or a combination of both instead: the iBabs meeting tool can be installed in your own datacenter.

iBabs Meeting Assessment
iBabs is a leader in paperless meetings and enables you to reduce these piles of documents to the thickness of your tablet. Thousands of organizations have been using this system for more than 15 years.

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