Welcome to the meeting of the future

Pop your VR glasses on. Have they started already? No! “Welcome”! says a colleague, with a smile. “Take a seat!” You sit down on your virtual chair and the meeting can start. Is this the future? Maybe, but if so the meeting of the future is closer than we think. Perhaps not yet with Virtual Reality, but certainly digitally and in the cloud.

Few subjects are spoken and written about as much as meetings. And new forms of meeting are constantly emerging, such as stand-up meetings, scrum meetings or walking meetings. Every trick in the book is being used to make this activity more efficient, above all, and sometimes even more enjoyable. Which is only logical, especially when you consider that meetings swallow up 10% of our working hours.

The New Way of Working = The New Way of Meeting

But does all this time-saving actually pay off? What’s the New Way of Working actually worth when meetings remain hopelessly old-fashioned? In our opinion, the new Way of Meeting is an essential part of the New Way of Working. And it should be digital and paper-free.

With your head in the Cloud

Of course, we already do a lot of our work in the cloud. You can access your files anywhere and at any time - which is ideal - certainly when you compare this with when you had to drag paper documents around with you. And remember when you had to use a VPN connection to join the network? Those days have long gone now that we have the cloud. Being able to work anywhere and at any time in a secure environment means that meetings can also be held in the same way. With your head in the cloud. This is a hundred times more efficient, faster and error-free, simply because you can supply your fellow participants with documents via the cloud. An app facilitates the things that you would normally do on paper. Long live the paperless meeting!

Meeting 3.0 is global

Apart from the fact that an increasing amount of work is done in the cloud, nowadays we also often work flexibly. And internationally. Frontiers are becoming blurred thanks to smart tools and apps that make it easy to hold a meeting with someone in Australia, for example. Online meetings with colleagues in other countries are becoming more and more commonplace, either through a ‘normal’ conference call or through videoconferencing. The possibilities are endless.

Assigning tasks immediately

In 2017 and 2018, the right tools will get you a lot further than you ever thought possible in 2016. And now that we’ve just ticked off meeting 2.0, it’s the turn of meeting 3.0. In this meeting, you can take decisive action instead of endlessly discussing who does what. Now you can immediately assign tasks to the right person. Ready to swipe?

iBabs Meeting Assessment
iBabs is a leader in paperless meetings and enables you to reduce these piles of documents to the thickness of your tablet. Thousands of organizations have been using this system for more than 15 years.

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